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6 Steps to Living a Good, Happy and Long Life

Compassion. Gratitude. Conscientiousness. Being humble. A little stress to keep you energized and motivated. Using common sense. Hanging out with the people that are doing healthy things. Having a stable relationship.

You might think the secret to a long and happy life was hidden in a book or could be found by following that famous media guru, Oprah. The truth is, a long life and happiness are not obtained by doing extraordinary things or looking for that magical “dream job” (or dream spouse, for that matter).

Research has shown — most recently by psychologists Friedman and Martin in The Longevity Project (2010) — that getting to a long life is really just a combination of simple, everyday things and an approach to life that some might say emphasizes a sense of resiliency and openmindedness toward our fellow human beings.

You don’t need even read a long book to understand the basic building blocks of a good, happy and long life. Five minutes of your time and this article will do just nicely.

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6 Steps to Living a Good, Happy and Long Life

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  1. John,

    Really great post! Absolutely everything you say here is true. Too many of us are miserable and unhappy and it’s sad because happiness is so easy to obtain, if only we tried.

    Hopefully many people read this and are inspired to begin to live a good, happy and long life!

  2. Great post!

    With the natural disasters the planet is currently experiencing, we will soon see the demise of the ego and the opening of hearts. These conditions will lead us to find happiness within ourselves (where it has always been) rather than without. Forget the luxuries and start appreciating the real beauty of our planet and her people.

    “Happiness is snuggled up in a quiet spot within you. You need only be still and silent and allow it to unfold until it eventually engulfs you.”

    Live Life Happy!

  3. I believe to live a meaningful life is to love, give, forgive, accept and value others, be satisfied with what you have and always give thanks.
    Money can’t buy you a meaningful life. You could be the richest person and also be the most miserable person. And you could be the poorest person but live the most rewarding, fulfilled and meaningful life.
    I grew up in Jamaica. My family were very poor. But we were extremely happy. Although we didn’t have much, we had love. There is nothing better than sharing love with each other. And appreciation.

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