Howard Stern Undergoes Psychological Testing with the MMPIOn Wednesday, Howard Stern and his cohorts on his popular morning radio show discussed the results of their psychological testing (or “psych testing” as they kept referring to it on the show).

The results made for some great radio. But it also highlighted some of the pros and cons of psychological testing. And perhaps inadvertently raised the question — should scientific or medical tools be used for entertainment purposes?

The test they took — the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI-III) — is not meant to be taken by ordinary people who have no obvious psychological concerns. It was developed with a focus on personality and psychopathology — to help a psychologist better identify the areas of personality that are contributing to a person’s maladaptive behavior.

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Howard Stern Undergoes Psychological Testing

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  1. The primary points of the article were well summarized. However, any psychologist familiar with the MMPI-2 knows there are no individual t-scale scores for the personality disorders mentioned in the article. Barring any unknown information, it would appear that the psychologist also did an injustice to the test, the audience, and the field. If any test claims to measure possible personality disorders, it would be the MCMI-III.

  2. Interesting article, but too much nitpicking.

  3. Thanks Dr. Doyle. After confirmation from the show’s staff, it was indeed the MCMI-III that the staff took. The article has been edited and updated to reflect this information. Good catch!

  4. To answer your question, “should psychological testing be used for entertainment?” yes it should. It’s the only context which gives psychological testing any value.

  5. You’re welcome, Dr. Grohol! :) Really appreciate what you do!

  6. I only heard the show today, but even entertaining, howard wanted to show threw something reliable, like the expert that went in the studio, that some of his staff had serious issues and personality disorders. Even if he warned Ronnie several times, he never listens to anyone. Howard seemed, even within an entertaining show, to try and help the guy that works for him for more then 2 decades now, by an attempt to open his eyes to this issues.

  7. Well considering sterns past behaviour and character- his supeficial charm, his sexual obsessions, his desire to shock, his shallow affect, his histrionic behaviour yet he is often very cool and “stern”- these insonsistencies bely a serious underlying condition.
    add the two more symptoms of psychopathy that of conning and manipulative behaviour- and the fact that psychopaths know how to fool psychological self report testing.
    The Mans is a pathological psychopath…
    otherwise known by everyone else as an individual who shows sexual predatory behaviour and makes a living from shocking people, it gets him off.

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