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Andrew Wakefield, the Autism-Vaccine Link and ‘Deliberate Fraud’

As though Dr. Andrew Wakefield didn’t have enough problems. After his study of 12 (count ’em — a whole 12!) children was thrown out of The Lancet when its original claim of a link between autism and MMR vaccines didn’t really hold water, now he’s got the BMJ on his case.

The problem with the original study came when nobody — and I mean, nobody — could replicate the research. Not Wakefield. Not other researchers. Science demonstrates a strong finding when data is replicable. When nobody can replicate your research, it’s considered an unreliable or extremely weak finding.

And in this case, it’s not even that. The BMJ today claimed that Dr. Andrew Wakefield allegedly engaged in deliberate fraud in his original study.

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Andrew Wakefield, the Autism-Vaccine Link and ‘Deliberate Fraud’

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  1. Science has proven that people who get a flu shot are MORE likely to get the flu, but that doesn’t stop the medical industry and the government from promoting them.

  2. I suggest you dig a bit into Paul Offit if you’re interested in learning about conflicts of interest. He’s a vaccine profiteer, who holds a patent on a vaccine, and advises the AAP on what to say to parents with vaccine related concerns. Apparently having a conflict of interest is only palatable if drug companies and/or vaccines profiteers benefit from the end result?

    Hannah Poling, Baily Banks and other victims of vaccine damage are not alone.

    Sure, Wakefield was effectively “neutralized,” and he’s been made an example of what happens to Doctors and researchers who dare to go against the grain. However, I don’t care much if Wakefield’s specific hypothesis is/was correct or not. I do care if vaccine related injury is taken seriously vs. continually dismissed as nuttery. Instead of funding being related to quelling legitimate concerns, funds should be allocated to impartially investigate the mechanisms that lead to brain damage or worse, in a handful of children.

  3. With the anti-business sentiment of the last two decades, scientists and the public alike WANTED the original study to be true.

  4. I agree with the doctor’s findings if he is linking autism to the MMR vaccine. I have heard of too many cases where children were subjected to this vaccine and then developed major problems. You can’t tell me a normal human being that injecting children with mind altering drugs doesn’t have a major effect on these kids with still developing brains.

  5. This is a very bad man period!

  6. Hi Jon,
    Please provide the research data that says people who have the flu jab are more likely to get the flu. If you want to make generalised claims you need to back your comment up with the appropriate data.

  7. Ok, so what exactly is causing the autism, asburger syndrome, add, adhd, retz syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorders that are so prevelant today???? Oh wait, I forgot to mention type 1 and type 2 diabetes, childhood arthritis, cystic fibrosis, childhood cancers, leukemia, asthma and all sorts of allergies. All of these illnesses are on the rise, I guess it would be safe to say that these ailments are at epidemic levels. It seems to me (and to many others) that the mainstream medical community is not trying very hard to find the cause. Could the mainstream medical community’s motive be money? Hmmmmmm…

    I read an article by a reporter by the name of Dan Olmstead, his article was about how the amish people of Lancaster, PA did not vaccinate, and they did not have autism or any of the syndromes in the autism spectrim. I also wonder how many other ailments they don’t have? So, If a reporter for a newspaper can go into a community of several hundred thousand people and see a connection between no vaccinations and healthier people, why can’t some doctors or scientists do the same? Could the answer be power, or money, or jobs, or just control? I think so!

    Do you know that newborns are routinely given the hepititis B vaccine within the first 24 hours of birth? And did you know that 95% of hepititis B cases are from life style activities ie. many sex partners or I.V. drug users (sharing needles). And further more did you know that the hepatitis B vaccine protection wears off at about 10 years. And, have you ever asked what chemicals and other harmful things like animal or human DNA are in the vaccine? So let me pose a question. How many people believe that their newborn, toddler, or child will be at risk of contracting hepatitis B? So why are people so willing to let the medical community decide what and when they are going to inject viruses, animal and human DNA, and other harmful chemicals directly into a newborns bloodstream? The baby’s own immune system is not yet intact, it takes a couple of weeks for the infants immune system to work properly.
    I’ve had the measles, the mumps, and the chicken pox. My children have all had the chicken pox, and we’re all doing fine. Over the years I’ve run into many, many families, and it’s always the same, the people who vaccinate and give their kids antibiotics always have health problems.
    The people who don’t vaccinate and don’t run to the doctor for every little sniffle, but handle things naturally, they are always healthier, always!

    So why is it that I can see this corrilation, me, a homebirthing mom of 7?
    ANSWER – Because I love my kids and I and my husband are the ones who will have to live with the decisions we make, we look out for the best interest of our children. No one cares for our kids like we do, no doctor, no hospital, no drug company.

    there but for the grace of God, go you

    and if you want to know more about the MMR research

    Wakefield was NOT a clinician at the Royal Free at that time – the tests were ordered by the Clinicians.

    The potential consequences for research due to the GMC’s judgement are:

    medical scientists will avoid researching autism, related bowel diseases and especially vaccine safety, for fear they will be treated like the three doctors and endanger their careers

    independent research into vaccines could become a no-go area in medical science, apart from research undertaken or sponsored by commercially-driven pharmaceutical manufacturers and government.

    Parents considering vaccinating their children would, more than ever before, have only official product information to rely on with no access to independent advice

    re: Sir Crispin Davis: non-executive director of GSK.
    Sir Nigel Davis: Judge

    Sir Crispin Davis, until recently chief executive of Reed Elsevier which owns the Lancet, failed to disclose his own conflicts while denouncing Andrew Wakefield to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee in March 2004. Sir Crispin failed to disclose either that he was a non-executive director of MMR defendants, GlaxoSmithKline, or that it was his own brother Sir Nigel Davis who had endorsed the Legal Services Commission’s decision to pull the plug on the funding of the case in the High Court 3 days before

    This is a very complicated case and those of you who have not investigated thoroughly, without bias, have been misled down the garden path just as intended.

    The GMC Hearing against Dr Wakefield and his colleagues Professor John Walker-Smith and Professor Simon Murch has been a political three-ring-circus with the overarching objective of shoring up the UK New Labour government’s defence of the MMR vaccine, whilst attempting to air-brush the children damaged by this vaccine out of history from the start…Jane Bryant

    A little history BEFORE Wakefield, et all 1998 case study

    In the late nineteen eighties, at roughly the same time that the MMR vaccine was introduced by the British government, Dr Andrew Wakefield took up a post at the Royal Free Hospital. He was a well-respected gastroenterologist charged with the task of heading a new department of experimental … See Moregastroenterology. One of the areas he was to research was the increase in Crohn’s disease amongst young people. Wakefield, who had travelled from Canada where he had been researching bowel transplantation, would win awards for his work on the aetiology of Crohn’s disease.

    In 1992, the British government backhandedly admitted that two of the three types of MMRs they had introduced in the late 1980s had been dropped following serious adverse reactions created by the Urabe strain of mumps virus used. Thousands of children, principally in Canada, Japan and Britain, were made ill by this vaccine. However, in Japan and Canada parents of vaccine damaged children were quickly compensated. In Britain, a morally bankrupt Department of Health sided with the pharmaceutical industry to claim that the adverse reactions suffered by these children were so slight as to be of no consequences. (3)

    By 1993, parents seeking help with one aspect of MMR’s adverse reactions, a novel new condition of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) followed by regressive autism, began to attend the Royal Free Hospital. As these children began presenting there, Dr Wakefield contacted the DH to inform the head of vaccine and immunology Dr David Salisbury that he considered MMR could be creating a public health crisis and asked for a meeting. It took Salisbury almost six years to arrange such a meeting.

    In 1992, the parents of MMR vaccine damaged children began preparing a legal claim against three pharmaceutical companies. By the end of the 1990s the number of parent claimants attached to this lawsuit had grown to around 2,500 and Dr Wakefield had been assigned by the claimants’ lawyers to give expert evidence for the parents. In 1998 the Lancet published the case review paper and later that year Deer wrote the first of a series of articles character assassinating previous expert witnesses who had appeared for vaccine damaged claimants and casting doubt upon other cases of vaccine damage claimants.

    In 2004 after a decade of organisation and legal finessing, , the first batch of claimants cases, were due to come before the High Court. However, in a move to support the pharmaceutical companies and deny thousands of parents their rights under civil law, legal aid was withdrawn from all the cases. Under a post-industrial New Labour government, a century of civil law enabling citizens to sue powerful interests was snatched from the people.

    2004 was the fulcrum year, the year when the legitimate legal claims of citizens against three pharmaceutical companies were turned on their head and a zealous, immoral and criminal campaign was begun by the government and the pharmaceutical companies to wipe out all reports of vaccine damage and anyone who might stand as an expert on this issue. Only months after Deer’s Sunday Times attack on Dr Wakefield, Dr Richard Horton whose line manager at Elsevier the Lancet’s publisher was Sir Crispin Davis also a board member of GlaxoSmith Kline, published a pulp fiction paperback which lauded the absolute safety of MMR.

    more here for anyone who actually has an open mind here

    did you know?
    The overall boss for The Sunday Times, James Murdoch, CEO of News International, is also on the Board of MMR vaccine supplier and litigation defendant GlaxoSmithKline. Murdoch’s Glaxo job is expressly to oversee:-
    “external issues that might have the potential for serious impact upon the group’s business and reputation“:[James Murdoch takes GlaxoSmithKline role – Chris Tryhorn The Guardian Monday 2 February 2009.

    Some have now dubbed the paper “The Sunday Glaxo”.

    “The principal finding of the Lancet paper was made by Dr Dhillon at The Royal Free Hospital who was and is independent of Dr Wakefield [intestinal pathology (inflammation and lymph node swelling) in children with an autistic spectrum disorder [pervasive developmental disorder] and intestinal symptoms]. This was revealed in the long running General Medical Council proceedings against eminent gastroenterologists Professors Murch, Walker-Smith and Dr Wakefield. ”

    Papers Supporting the Original Finding

    The claim to have found a new inflammatory bowel disease published in the 1998 Lancet paper as ‘consistent gastrointestinal findings’ involving ‘nonspecific colitis’ were supported first by a series of peer reviewed papers including in The Lancet itself:-

    Furlano R, Anthony A, Day R, Brown A, Mc Garvey L, Thomson M, et al. “Colonic CD8 and T cell filtration with epithelial damage in children with autism.“ J Pediatr 2001;138:366-72.

    Sabra S, Bellanti JA, Colon AR. “Ileal lymphoid hyperplasia, non-specific colitis and pervasive developmental disorder in children”. The Lancet 1998;352:234-5.

    Torrente F., Machado N., Perez-Machado M., Furlano R., Thomson M., Davies S., Wakefield AJ, Walker-Smith JA, Murch SH. “Enteropathy with T cell infiltration and epithelial IgG deposition in autism.” Molecular Psychiatry. 2002;7:375-382

    Wakefield AJ, Anthony A, Murch SH, Thomson M, Montgomery SM, Davies S, Walker-Smith JA. “Enterocolitis in children with developmental disorder.” American Journal of Gastroenterology 2000;95:2285-2295

    Ashwood P, Anthony A, Pellicer AA, Torrente F, Wakefield AJ. “Intestinal lymphocyte populations in children with regressive autism: evidence for extensive mucosal immunopathology.” Journal of Clinical Immunology, 2003;23:504-517.

    Papers Replicating The Original Finding

    Another series of papers replicated the findings of The Royal Free Hospital London’s 1998 Lancet paper which journalist Brian Deer and The Sunday Times have falsely claimed is discredited:-

    Gonzalez, L. et al., “Endoscopic and Histological Characteristics of the Digestive Mucosa in Autistic Children with gastro-Intestinal Symptoms“. Arch Venez Pueric Pediatr, 2005;69:19-25.

    Balzola, F., et al., “Panenteric IBD-like disease in a patient with regressive autism shown for the first time by wireless capsule enteroscopy: Another piece in the jig-saw of the gut-brain syndrome?” American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2005. 100(4): p. 979- 981.

    S. Walker, K. Hepner, J. Segal, A. Krigsman “Persistent Ileal Measles Virus in a Large Cohort of Regressive Autistic Children with Ileocolitis and Lymphonodular Hyperplasia: Revisitation of an Earlier Study” (last accessed June 2007) (paper submitted for publication)

    Balzola F et al . “Autistic enterocolitis: confirmation of a new inflammatory bowel disease in an Italian cohort of patients.” Gastroenterology 2005;128(Suppl. 2);A-303.

    excerpted from

  9. Ok, so what exactly is causing the autism, asburger syndrome, add, adhd, retz syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorders that are so prevelant today?

    Well, that’s what hundreds of researchers have been working on to determine in the past 2 or more decades. That’s what thousands more are researching for the causes of depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

    Why does anyone believe the etiology and cause of disorders like autism or depression is going to be simple and point to a single thing? All of the research to-date — and I mean thousands of studies in genetics, social psychology, psychology, biology, personality, parenting, etc. — suggests these are complicated disorders with no single etiology.

  10. Sheri, with all due respect, I’m not here to debunk further the autism-vaccine link, as many others have done a much thorough job in doing so. 2 of the papers you say “replicate” Wakefield’s findings aren’t in Medline; the third doesn’t “replicate” his findings whatsoever — it’s a single case report.

    Of the studies you mention “support the original finding,” one is a commentary (not a study), 3 are by the researcher under investigation here (Wakefield), and none of them actually look at the link between vaccines and autism.

    Remember, science isn’t about cherry picking studies that show whatever point you want to make (like picking Bible verses to support your interpretation of the Bible). It’s about taking into account all of the data, as a whole — and especially look at the strong, robust studies.

    To date, there is no strong, credible evidence linking vaccines to autism. Period.

    Bad scientists will be treated like bad scientists. Trust me, if there was strong evidence there, you’d have researchers all over this because virtually no researcher bases whether they research a topic or not on whether it’s politically correct to do so. They do so to find what the data say.

    All this talk of conspiracies and cover-ups is a sure sign there’s nothing there.

    • This is not quite correct.

      Pharmaceuticals’ do not publish there studies that show that there drugs do not work, do they ?

      They cherry pick

  11. There have been very interesting studies that have ben published on the links between allergies and other immunudisorders and the recommendations that parents keep homes nearly clinially clean and avoid introducing “allergenic” substances nto a child’s diet and invironment into a child’s invironment until much later in the child’s development than would occur in less controlled ie non industrial countries. For example, Here in Sweden, in an attempt to avoid gluten intolerance, parents were told to avoid giving all children gluten until the first year of life, thinking this would prevent the sensitization of the imature system to the substance. Instead, the rates for gluten intolerance have gone through the roof, and one of the culprets that they are starting to narrow down on is delaying the introduction of food stuffs containing gluten. It seems that a combination of removing natural dirt and minor pathogens from the environment and delaying the introduction of various environmenta “triggers” confuses the immune system which no longer has a way to recognize the pathogens from the nondangerous irritants.
    I realize this might be disappointing to many. No Big bad scheme! No conspiracy to destroy our kids! Just a mania for house keeping and a misunderstanding of how we work, and our own arrogance thinking we knew more than we did. I come from a highly allergic family, decided to not clean lke a nut and to allow cats and dogsin the home, and neither of my kids is allergic, even thoguh both parents have allergies and have had pin worms (did not deliberately do that:-))Makes you think.

  12. OOPs! Meant that the kids have had pin worms! Sorry for the typos!

  13. RAS – Agreed. There is probably no worse tragedy occurring right now than some parents’ obsession with “germs” and their children. Children need germs in order to build a healthy immune system. They should be allowed to play in the dirt, explore outdoors, play with worms. Instead, some parents keep their homes so clean, it’s like walking into a laboratory. And their children have so little exposure to germs, once they get to school, they’re a mess.

  14. What used to KILL people was polio, small pox, measles, mumps, rubella, prutusis, even chicken pox, and the flu. VACCINES are why some were IRRIDICATED. Now, some of this diseases are coming BACK! And part of the reason is because of people who are NOT getting vaccinated. That is dangerous!

    And FYI…the flu is a DEAD vaccine. You CANNOT get the flu from the vaccine. If you do get the flu after the vaccine, it is because your were either already exposed or you caught a different strain or a mutated strain of the flu than the vaccine. The flu shot decreases your chances of getting the flu. Viruses mutate quickly and the vaccines are made with data from the previous year. As far as I am concerned, I’ll take my chances and get the shot.

  15. Flu shots do not give people the flu. Previously,
    when flu shots were created from a live virus, there was a danger of people getting the flu.
    Before people run off at the mouth, and parrot what they have read or heard from unreliable sources, they need to check with their medical doctors, who are surely more informed than they are. Also, the BMJ (British Medical Journal) is
    an outstanding source of information. If people want to continue to keep their children from getting a vaccine, which would prevent a very dangerous disease, so be it!! But, can blame no one but themselves when their children become very sick and have lifetime disabilities because of their negligence. It seems like a case of “when people have their minds made up, they don’t want to be confused by facts.”

  16. Cannot believe the people on there who think they are an expert on autism, vaccines, allergies, etc. because they are former nurses, advocate, psychologist (none of which makes them an expert on anything) – so they continue to preach their version of nonsense and quote people, who are equally as inept as they are,, about autism. The
    British Medical Journal is a distinguished periodical – well respected in all of europe and the usa – please don’t spout your version of ignorance any longer – you are doing more damage to the people trying to find answers and to people who are interested in getting help for their children. You people are not experts at all – so please stop trying to make yourself one – “I’m a former nurse” tells no one anything about the subjecct. What studies have you made on your own?

  17. John I stopped reading your article right after your comment about Wakefield’s 1998 article having only 12 children. You are clearly uninformed on the facts in this issue and unqualified to be making judgements on them. Wakefield’s paper was a simple (and yes, small) case study which introduced a new clinical condition and suggested a novel etiology for it. Amidst all of this media frenzy no one bothers to notice that Wakefield was careful to limit the scope of his interpretations in the paper. He was not attempting to “link” MMR with autism. He was describing a new condition and noting that the parents were concerned about the timing of onset of symptoms shortly after their children received the MMR vaccine.

    Furthermore, what is essentially an editorial in the BMJ, you refer to as a “report” and an “investigation”. It was neither. It is a regurgitation of very questionable findings from one Mr Brian Deer, someone who calls himself a journalist. Has anyone even noticed that the entire GMC hearings arose from an anonymous complaint from this same Brian Deer, who then acted like an independent party investigating the hearings?

    And does anyone wonder why a journalist is able to visit the homes of the children involved in Wakefield’s study, when this is supposed to be confidential information? How pray tell did Mr Deer obtain this information, might he have had some help, say from the agencies which must prop up the mass vaccination system even while damning information on vaccine adverse reactions continue to roll in?

  18. Argued w/ my sister about this in the morning (Yuck!!). I said, fine, the highly credentialed Dr. thought that he could support Autism families in vaccine court and become rich so he committed fraud.
    She thought that sounded sarcastic.
    Still I said, it doesn’t change the fact that vaccines cause autism. She agreed on that point.
    I know the monkeys that Wakefield is giving the vaccine schedule were not surviving the first day of birth hep B vaccine (lost the eating reflex). I wonder if they are starting to die with continued vaccination.

  19. David – Do you think The Lancet retracts a lot of legitimate research studies like this one?

  20. Thought I would mosey on over here for a review of psychological issues and a political firestorm broke out! And you wonder why we have the division in Congress! Rigidity and inflexibility rule the day, and here is no exception.

    Ahh folks, deeds not words, ok? Involved with a legal team ready to sue the manufacturer? Is that little tidbit going to be ignored by the “purists” who maintain this link exists? And yet, I would wager a sizeable amount of money these same purists are ready to attack any doctor who is in the pocket of a pharma company.

    Consistency is the hallmark of success, I believe is applicable to 95% of life. When there is money to be had, there are equally people to be had to get the dough. And there is the antithesis of that adage. Profit trumps care decisions.

    Count on it!

  21. I really do wonder (and this isn’t exactly the first time) how otherwise intelligent and rational people can be so possessed by paranoia that they would take the positions held by so many people on this subject. Yes, I’m aware, very aware, that the connections between medical researchers and big pharma are suspicious. However, this doesn’t apply to all researchers. Nor to all topics. There are many (possibly a majority) of “clean” researchers out there, working every day. And no, I personally have no connection at all with ANY of these subjects: not a doctor, not a researcher, not a medical news reporter, not an employee or investor in big pharma. Nothing like that at all. Why is there so much undeserved suspicion out there with regard to medical research? And I’ll repeat that: UNDESERVED suspicion! People like Wakefield, as crooked as Wakefield is said to be, are (in my experience) quite rare. On EITHER side of the fence. Why do you believe that isn’t so?

  22. I have several young adult and adolescent clients that suffer from Asberger’s Syndrome, and others that present some of the symptoms on the ASD spectrum but not enought to meet clinical diagnoses. I have been reading and researching on my own much of the information available on these disorders, and in order to identify effective treatments there is a need to explore causation. While no one etiology has been identified, there are many which require further research. One of those may be the rigorous and early vaccine schedule infants are now advised to have. The main concern has been the Thimerasol used as a preservative in vaccines, which contains mercury, which is a known neurotoxin! And while it was discontinued from the vaccines in the primary vaccination schedule, it was reintroduced in the flu vaccine and the HepB vaccine!(See Dr. Grier’s research). And it is difficult, if not imppossible, to obtain independent information on all the ingredients in a vaccine they are injecting into an infant whose immune system is not fully developed, and who may have a predisposition of vuneralbility to those chemicals based on their genetics. Most people realize vaccines save lives and want their children protected from unnecessary disease, but we must know all chemicals in that vaccine have been tested and shown to be safe for use in children. Perhaps the vaccine schedule and/or number needs to adjusted until their safety can be demonstrated. Or the genetic vunerablity has been identified and screened so parents are making an informed consent. To use hysterical and inflammatory rhetoric in discussing this issue may only deny affected children the hope of effective biomedical treatments for ASD.

  23. I think you are BS, the autism thing started when vaccines became so prevalent. You are only one doctor and kids do NOT need all the vaccines kids are supposed to get. People get sick they get protection from their Mother’s if hey breast feed. You are a sham. You are just another money hungry doc. trying to make a name for himself. I do not believe for one instance that the majority of DR’s care about their patients at all. Sorry, my very good opinion.

  24. @David: Dr. Wakefield did not properly select the children from his study in a randomized manner, did not disclose that he was paid to conduct the study, did not disclose that he was manufacturing/investor for his own “vaccine” and that he had a personal interest in “proving” that current vaccines were the cause of autism, nor did he disclose that 5 of the 12 children already met criteria for autism PRIOR to vaccination.

    How is that good science? I don’t think you need to be a researcher to know that there are a lot of things wrong with what I just listed.

    Not to mention no one has been able to replicate his findings and that he has lost his license to practice in England. Someone doesn’t just lose their license to practice for the heck of it.

    If you want to learn about something that actually correlates well with rising rates of autism, take a look at research investigating maternal age at pregnancy and delivery. This research has demonstrated that as maternal age at pregnancy/delivery rises (as it has over the past 10-20 years), so does the rates of autism. Again, its a correlation, and a direct link should not be inferred. Autism is likely due to a complex number of factors, maternal age being one of them. Research has already established that maternal age is correlated with a number of childhood problems – autism may be another one.

  25. For me, as a parent, there is one crucial point; before I inject anything into my kid’s blood system I want to see SCIENTIFIC PROOF that this substance is safe and effective. So far, no medical expertise in my country or to my knowledge anywhere else have been able ever to produce this evidence. There seem to exist no medical research that support the use of vaccines. This may appear paradoxical, but this is what I have found. I know of one independent scientist who read 30000 pages of medical papers without finding one single piece of evidence that vaccines do all the marvellous things we say they are doing.

    In spite of this state of facts, doctors become very aggressive when I tell them about my decision not to vaccinate before I have seen some sort of science to support it. Why? Maybe you can answer this, because it is really puzzling for me. I thought you people cared about people’s health and that your decisions relied on science?

    I can also add that my daughters, now teenaged, are very healthy, intelligent and beautiful. They are also completely non vaccinated.

    (sorry about my english)

  26. Interesting point here in Sweden, the mercury based preservative used in most immunisations which has been the main bugaboo in the cases regarding Aspergers and autism has been outlawed here since sometime in the 1990’s if I am correct. There as been essentially no corresponding decrease in the numbers of children diagnosed with autism or Aspergers here.
    Plenty of less tolerance for kids who aren’t like everyone else, though, that’s for sure.

  27. Mikael… That’s great. You’d better ask for scientific proof before you let them watch any television too (since there’s plenty of evidence supporting the behavioral changes of children who watch TV, especially before age 2), play video games (again, there’s a nice body of evidence suggesting caution), or really, digesting any modern food product like baby food (which isn’t the same as natural food made from your own garden).

    Don’t you dare let your baby touch any modern fabric, because you know, of course, that they’ve all gone through a manufacturing process that’s never been scientifically proven NOT to cause cancer or other potential childhood diseases, right? I mean, how we make clothing and blankets today — with the chemical processes and cleaning — resembles nothing of how we made clothing and blankets even just 50 or 60 years ago.

    Check the statistics on the furniture you sit on and the furniture you put your baby in to sleep at night too. I’m not aware of any science done on the health effects of this furniture (or the carpet in your room, or even the water you drink) that proves — definitively — that it is not harmful for your baby.

    You’re best off keeping your baby snuggled in cotton made in the 1800s, washed with soap you made yourself from your own cow fat (from your own naturally-raised cows, of course), and in a home that you’ve supervised its construction made of only all-natural, organic materials. An igloo might be a good alternative (as long as it was crafted from old glaciers — not these modern, new-fangled ones that recently broke off).

    Also, make sure you’re prepared for your child going through all of the painful and unhealthy diseases likes mumps and measles, some of which can produce life-long health issues.

  28. @Dr. PsyD,
    Could you turn off the dripping sarcasm while I in turn promise not to inject any TV or modern fabrics directly into my babies’ bodies? Then maybe I – and your other readers – won’t feel so inspired to return contempt for contempt.

    Are you familiar with this study?
    Can you please tell me what makes it dismissable hopefully without being insulting?

  29. In North America, Europe, and the South Pacific , major declines in life-threatening infectious diseases occurred historically either without, or far in advance of public immunization efforts for specific diseases as listed. This provides irrefutable evidence that vaccines are not necessary for the effective elimination of a wide range of infectious diseases.

  30. With over 20 years of experience in pediatric medicine, I still [internally] recoil when encountering a parent “armed” with their interpretation of the latest clinical evidence.

    The only hope for civilization is a widening of the gap between those with “too much” and those with “too little” credible information ~ regardless of their capacity to understand it. Those in the middle generally display a superior ability to thoughtfully weigh risks vs. benefits without regard to hype or propaganda. A breath of truly rare fresh air.

  31. People of my generation (late baby boomer) and younger don’t understand what these diseases actually did … so many died … the aftermath of these diseases are found in the grief of so many families!

    My husband had polio in the 1950’s. The majority of people who had it as severely as my husband did not survive.

    The ones who did survive are now suffering from complications that are proving to be as fatal as the original disease … respiratory failure because of the weakened respiratory muscles.

    My generation simply doesn’t see what I see every day.
    They don’t wake up wondering if this is their last day of their marriage.
    They don’t wonder if their husband will live to see his sons married.
    They don’t wonder if he’ll meet his grandchildren.
    They don’t understand that these diseases meant DEATH.

    This whole anti vaccine debate makes me, literally sick to my stomach … I had to help my husband up from a fall a bit ago …and for about 20 minutes, I wondered if he’d taken his last steps …

    He has scoliosis and his spinal cord is displaced at c5/c6 and c6/c7 .. there is compression … it’s not operable because of his decreased lung volume and fragility.

    His scoliosis is so severe that if the spinal chord doesn’t get him … an organ could rupture at any time (most doctors say his severity of scoliosis doesn’t happen because they die first)

    If the compression doesn’t get him … if an organ doesn’t rupture .. eventually his respiratory muscles will fail … his lungs will fill with fluid and as a result, his kidneys will fail …

    no matter what .. he’s looking at a painful death.

    Almost 4 years ago at 7 am he was fine and rough housing with his sons. At 9:30 he was being loaded into an ambulance … by the time he got to the hospital his right lung had completely filled with fluid and his left was almost 80% filled … It was so bad, so complete that the radiologist thought it was the worst case of emphazema he’d ever seen …

    He literally could be here today and gone tomorrow … the last round took 45 day stay in the hospital and 2 years to recover from … they don’t think he’d survive another episode.

    If people spent 1 day walking in his shoes …or mine or my childrens for that matter … they’d re think this whole issue …

  32. QuoVadisAnima – I wouldn’t say it’s dismissable as a pilot, animal study. But it really doesn’t add anything to the evidence base for humans. Why? Because we (a) don’t know that measuring vaccines in apes is equivalent to measuring vaccines in humans; (b) researchers concocted their own homemade vaccine in the lab to try and mimic the MMR vaccine given back in the 1994-1999 timeframe, with no independent checks to ensure it actually was the same; (c) there is absolutely no discussion of the limitations of the study in the study itself — always a red flag for me. If researchers can’t own up to the flaws and limitations of their data, I don’t have much confidence in whether that data is biased or not.

    Also, to the point of sarcasm, the larger point is still valid — babies and young children don’t get their development only from things they ingest. That’s a very simplistic view of human development. There are literally thousand of studies signifying the impact and importance of everything in a child’s environment. To hone in on a single item like this with a laser-beam focus is to miss the point — your child is a product of hundreds of daily influences, interactions and reinforcements. If you want to provide the perfect, sterile environment for your baby, it’s going to take a lot more than simply forgoing life-saving vaccines.

  33. This last point by Grohol Psych is not bad:
    “Also, to the point of sarcasm, the larger point is still valid — babies and young children don’t get their development only from things they ingest. That’s a very simplistic view of human development. There are literally thousand of studies signifying the impact and importance of everything in a child’s environment. To hone in on a single item like this with a laser-beam focus is to miss the point — your child is a product of hundreds of daily influences, interactions and reinforcements. ”
    This is exactly what the NIH just had a meeting on. They are finding a virus much like HIV in children with Autism. It’s a retrovirus called XMRV. The big issue is how are babies being infected with it when the Mother does not have it. In many ways it is just like HIV, it does not spread unless there is blood to blood contact or you are a drug user via syringe shared beforehand with someone that has AIDS.
    It’s a bit complicated how these viruses are able to change the expression of our genetic code to cause disease. This can be reversed.
    For years the contamination of vaccines with retroviruses has been alarmingly brought up, but since there is no research on it companies have been given a pass by the CDC to release these huge contaminated batches and see what happens.
    Kind of how Dr. Grohol describes how he feels science should be used. When alerted the CDC did not charge the pharmaceutical companies to finance this expensive safety study so they didn’t. They claimed there were no studies to prove these animal viruses cause harm at the moment, only suspicion so the companies should be allowed to sell these contaminated vaccines. This is the same science used with mercury.
    A recent Example of vaccine contamination:
    Absolutely not how parents assume our vaccine supply is rigorously tested for safety.

  34. Psychmajorma, thank you, when I was a child, the last major measels epidemic went through my home town shortly before i was born and among those affected were four young men from our church. One died, one recovered completely, two ended up in comas. Of these two one emerged with borderline mental retardation and the other with paraplegic paralysis. It was a nasty strain, most didn’t hit that bad. Both my parents had been measled as kids, but not so badly.
    The point is, these are not always “minor” childhood diseases. My mother almost died from chicken pox. My father from mumps. My husband has the scars from smallpox across his upperback (yep, he actually got his from the vaccine, so luckily, it was a mild version),I still have the pictures of my aunt with her cousin and her cousins new baby, both members of a branch of our family, wiped out from Spanish flu,1918. The baby was never even dedicated. Most of my generation has no clue NO CLUE of what these diseases can do. My youngest has autism, his grandfather mostlikely had aspebergers, as mostlikely did his greatgrandfather, and all the wierd males that were known in that family before them. Long before Immunizations. Knowing all this, I would still immunize my sons, both of them, again, because their chances are still better with the shots then without them, in my mind.

  35. I shared a link to this blog along with a few others on the same topic. This is a bledit on this occurance of phony science.

  36. QuoVadisAnima above directed attention to a failed study of rhesus macaques given thimerosal-containing vaccines.

    If the researchers (or the reviewers for the low-impact Polish journal) had bothered to check the literature, they would have learned (within minutes) that the amygdala of vaccinated infant macaques, just like the amygdala of normal unvaccinated infant macaques or typically-developing human infants, increases with age. The authors, which included a plaintiff before the vaccine court (the lead author), didn’t bother to check, so they were fooled by the fact that, apparently, either they erred in their measurements or one of the infant macaques in their absurdly small control group of two did not develop typically. They therefore quite wrongly concluded that the aberrant results from their control group of two indicated that the completely normal results from their experimental group were abnormal. Major fail. Up is not down, black is not white, and that study is completely wrong.

  37. It seems like Facts don’t matter at all
    T or F: The parents of the 12 say the report was faked False
    T or F: Wakefield stated his belief that MMR caused the rise in autism False
    T or F: Brian Deer got money from vaccine makers True
    When facts do not matter, we have a problem
    Here is mother of one of the Lancet 12 parents reading a letter that can only be found on youtube. Why is this info only availble on youtube? if link doesn’t work, search youtube for lancet 12 parents. ( is 2 plus 2 five now? and do fact matter….)

  38. The low impact polish journal is not a low impact polish journal, if facts matter. It is one the oldest and respected. It has an above average impact factor. Such lies and distortions only fuel conspiracy theories….. and support ideas of smeer campaigns to discredit any scientific findings that question the “vaccines are perfectly safe” party line. Two plus 2 = 6. No, it doesn’t. Facts ought to matter. Facts can be found. Viva le Intrenet. I checked the journal.

  39. I’m keeping a list of positive responses to the BMJ (Yes Wakefield is a fraud, and here are the implications…) and negative responses (Wakefield’s research IS TOO valid and vaccines cause autism anyway) at A roundup of responses to the BJM & Wakefield’s research was motivated by fraud.

    Some observations
    1. The positive responses come from a broad range of sites — politically left and right; people who are skeptics/ people who have heretofore (to my knowledge) never commented on vaccines or autism before, and so on. The negative responses are from a predictable set of sites and people.
    2. The news coverage in the US has (perhaps inadvertently) perpetrated the idea that all parents of children with autism believe in the vaccine causation myth. It is a complete falsehood. Many parents of children with autism and adults with autism robustly reject the myth.
    3. Kev Leitch, whose daughter has intense autism, has a moving post on how Wakefield’s actions have damaged everyone affected by autism. I highly recommend it.

  40. I find it extraordinary that some people are still defending Wakefield. The children’s medical histories and diagnoses were revealed publicly during the GMC hearing, and quite clearly did not match those reported in Wakefield’s paper. He had altered them to fit with the hypothesis he was being paid to prove.

    He said quite clearly in a press conference after publication of his paper that he was concerned that MMR caused autism, and that parents should not give it to their children. His exact words were: “there is sufficient anxiety in my own mind of the safety, the long term safety of the polyvalent, that is the MMR vaccination in combination, that I think that it should be suspended”.

    Wakefield had already started a company that was explicitly set up to exploit the public panic he expected after this paper was published. He intended to market a single measles shot, and a diagnostic test to distinguish between wild and vaccine virus in the guts of affected children.

    From the prospectus of this company: “As a consequence of the public, political and legal pressures brought to bear, the demand for a diagnostic able to discriminate between wild type and vaccine derived measles strains will be enormous.” Wakefield expected the company to make up to £28 million a year.

    As the parents of the 12 children were recruited from an anti-vaccine group, JABS, it is not entirely surprising that some of them still support Wakefield, though their claims do not fit with the medical records of their children.

  41. Just in case you missed it, Wakefield also had some strong financial incentives for finding the link that he did:

    In medicine or science, we call this an obvious conflict of interest.

  42. No fraud…Brian Deer made it all up. I wonder why the pharmaceutical companies are becoming so desperate using a journalist:

  43. These conspiracy theories all of the sudden coming up surrounding Wakefield are also suspicious. He has no attachments to the pharmaceutical companies.

  44. No Brainer… The link you provided does not present any credible evidence that Brian Deer “made it all up.” Would you expect Wakefield to simply come out and admit to the alleged fraud?

    The Lancet rarely retracts research, unless there’s something terribly wrong with it.

  45. True.
    I’m comparing the integrity of the two men when I make my observations.
    Brian Deer is a man who has been known to “make…up” a name when he interviews Wakefield’s patients.
    Brian Deer’s description of parents of Autistic children:
    “The festering nastiness, the creepy repetitiveness, the weasly, deceitful, obsessiveness, all signal pathology to me”
    Wakefield’s response to families with Autistic children is that he wants to end the suffering.
    Wakefield is looking for the cause and treatment of Autism while Brian Deer is accusing parents of having a pathology. It reminds me of when, just a few years ago, experts thought Autism was caused by “refrigerator Moms”.
    Let’s move forward.

  46. Wow!!!
    They actually let the man speak on Good Morning America…­.well….k­inda.

  47. I am seeking information on Adolescent MMR shots that are given again because the initial toddler series was done incorrectly and the child “changed” so grastically after it was earth shattering…..All I can find is this Autism obsession…but who has research other reactions?….Also this child had just recovered fro both CMV and Leptospirosis which he had simuntaneously. Any input would be greatly appreciated….

  48. BMJ caught in highly politicized scientific fraud

    The BMJ, in essence, has been caught pulling off what may be the largest scientific fraud ever perpetrated by any medical journal in the history of the world. It grossly misrepresented the facts in falsely accusing Dr Wakefield of fabricating the clinical trial data that led to his landmark study being published in The Lancet in 1998. The innocence of Dr Wakefield has now been established by these newly-released documents.

    The British Medical Journal also failed to disclose that its own finances are largely funded by vaccine manufacturers who fill the journal with paid advertising, and that such financial ties may have influenced the journal’s decision to attempt to destroy the reputation of a researcher whose findings threatened the profits of its top sponsors. If you follow the money in this story, in other words, it leads right to the editors of BMJ, whose salaries are effectively financed by vaccine manufacturers. This all-important conflict of interest is almost never discussed in the mainstream media, by the way.

    In light of the evidence that has now been made public, clearing Dr Andrew Wakefield of any wrongdoing, Dr Wakefield is publicly demanding that the BMJ issue a full retraction of its Brian Deer article accusing Dr Wakefield of fabricating the data. His statement is entitled, “Uncovered Documents Prove There Was No Fraud in Lancet Case Series” and is included here in its entirety:

  49. Necktop and No Brainer,
    Stop with the conspiracy theories and BMJ fraud nonsense. It has been proven beyond a doubt that Wakefield is a fraud and he has actually had his license to practice stripped in the UK. And while I admit that Brian Deer may be slightly grandiose and over the top, he is actually correct. And do not believe what you may read at that fraudulent site You may note that they have a financial incentive to sell their books full of their own misguided theories. And for the record, aliens have not landed and the government is not keeping it a secret. I think!

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