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Taming Our Brain’s Amygdala

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  1. Interesting topic. I’m wondering can we achieve this control through meditation? Or just by constant exposure to fear to desensitise ourselves?

  2. Try and act not like a monkey. Act more “Harvard professor-ish”?

    This is generally a pretty good website but this article is a problem for me in that the stigma re:mental health is one that is difficult to overcome without the industry media (you) re-enforcing the stereotype. As an intelligent and aptly capable individual I KNOW how to access that higher functioning during normal periods of stress (oops I missed the bus).
    In the depths of depression and an anxiety disorder attacking my spirit the KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITY to access that “higher functioning” area is of no use. SOMETIMES you have to ride the wave of despair to its end and it has NOTHING to do with being any less intelligent than a Harvard professor type. Well, maybe I am a little more like a monkey than a Harvard professor but hey –

    We’re all monkeys!

    The condescending tone as though acting “like a monkey” is a choice is actually quite disappointing. Had the tone been taken differently the same information could easily have been conveyed. Maybe wouldn’t have been so snazzy without the sharp contrast comparison but it would have been more compassionate.

    In sum: Info god, delivery bad. Thanks for reading :)

  3. I take offense at calling the amygdala a” little brat.” Many people already have trouble not rejecting that young part of themselves that has already experienced too much rejection. We need both the amygdala and prefrontal cotex to function at our best.



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