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Using Music to Relieve Depression

By Therese J. Borchard
Associate Editor

Using Music to Relieve DepressionCaught in a terrible conundrum of whether I should break my diet over New York Super Fudge Chunk or Chunky Monkey at Ben and Jerry’s yesterday, I was reading the different fliers pinned to the community bulletin board inside this 200 square feet of ice-cream heaven.

One flier read: “Got the blues? Learn to play them!”

I don’t know whether to blame the kids or my depression for my stupidity (the death of my brain cells in the prefrontal cortex), but I had to read these seven words four times (that’s 28 words) before I understood the message, which is an important one:

Music can help treat depression.

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Using Music to Relieve Depression

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  1. I used to think this music or that music was better for overcoming depression. I asked a client why he enjoyed a particularly morose song, his answer was both poignant and succinct: “It helps me feel less alone.”

    • I’m becoming convinced that Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream relieves my hot flashes and allows me to sleep all night and awake refreshed in the morning. I was introduced to the ice cream when I was in hospital recovering from spinal surgery. During my home recovery I ate this ice cream and noticed that I slept well. Lately, my hot flashes and inability to sleep at night has pushed me to the edge emotionally and psychologically, two night ago I ate 1/2 pint of the ice cream and sleep good enough for sleeping on the couch. Last night I ate a pint (a lot of calories), slept in the bed and slept like a baby. I didn’t wake up not one time, no hot flashes and I feel refreshed this morning. I’m convinced it’s the ice cream and boy what a feeling! I feel alive!!! Interested to know if anyone else has experienced this or knows why it allievates my hot flashes.

  2. Music can definitely help with depression, not only to play it, but to listen. I’ve had people from around the world tell me that my music has helped them – it certainly has helped me through some tough times. My song “My Dreams” is one of the faves.

  3. I have always struggled with this. The music I am listening to totally affects my mood. I am asked what my favorite music is and I don’t have an answer because it depends on my mood.

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