Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like ChristmasOkay, I admit it, I can’t get that darned song out of my head after Thanksgiving. There’s something about “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” that seems appropriate to put me into the Christmas spirit.

But then I have to stop at a store to buy something. And quickly my Christmas spirit dissipates as I’m enveloped by the never-ending barrage of Christmas displays, scents and music. Oh, the endless loops of Christmas music!

And I think to myself, “Who likes this stuff?”

Not surprisingly, the answer is, “Christians.” At least according to Schmitt et al. (2010) when they looked at the effects of Christmas displays on people’s well-being.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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  1. I would guess that non christians would feel excluded, as they are, you are either for christ or against him, christmas reminds them of their position

  2. Oh well, it seems to be predicted in here but they have different ideas and reason among each position. Christmas now is well liked to all and nothing else.

  3. I disagree with this sentiment. Many people who’s beliefs do not follow along the Christian mold have plenty of good feelings during the holidays. Since the Christmas holiday tradition did primarily begin within the Christian groups, it is probable that those being raised in a Christian family instills the tradition. But, it is a tradition that many people share despite their religious beliefs due to the wide attention it is given by retail shops.

    I think what would be more interesting to find out what groups celebrate Christmas for its cute – sometimes funny – displays and pretty lights that are shown in celebration of being with close friends and family, who celebrates it more traditionally, and how we can close the gap among the religious and nonreligious who share in this beautiful holiday that brings so many people together.

  4. I would be curious to know if the term “non christians” refers to people of different religions or atheists. The historical references of Christmas are in paganism and celebrating to reduce depression in the winter months. I think Christmas can be a very personalized holiday, it is hard to globalize its impact from one study.

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