Change is Hard, But Not ImpossibleA lot of “Health 2.0″ tools seek to help people change their behaviors to lead more healthy, productive lives. This is an admirable goal, and one I wholeheartedly endorse. Some of the tools are really “gee-whiz” neat!

However, many people involved with building Health 2.0 tools have little or no formal background in human behavior. How do you expect to build tools that seek to change human behavior, with no human behavior experts — you know, psychologists — consulting with you or on your staff?

That’s like trying to write a piece of software without a programmer.

In reply to a query on this topic, and how people change their behavior, I wrote the following over at the Society for Participatory Medicine’s blog. I think it encapsulates my experience with understanding human behavior (as a supposed expert in human behavior)…

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Change is Hard, But Not Impossible

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  1. That is most absolutely true John. People just thought that because it’s hard, it’s impossible.

    I’ve been a hypnotherapist for a couple of years now, and that’s one thing I’ve noticed with most of my clients.

    You have posted the most detailed description here, and I thank you for posting this article.

    You have a wonderful blog, it’s my first visit here. Gonna read more of your posts.


  2. Doc John,
    As a teacher, who is experiencing the travesty of No Child Left Behind, and it’s outcome under the new administration, Race To The Top, I can completely understand where you are coming from in this article!

    Just because someone takes a psych course, does not give them the expertise to know how human behavior changes.

    And just because someone went to school, (often 20-40 years earlier), does not give them the expertise to know how learning occurs.

    The Obama administration has a sociologist for the head of the Federal Department of Education. Yea, they play basketball together, so, that makes Arne Duncan “qualified” to lead the education of this country’s children. :>))
    And that, all of a sudden, allows people with FIVE WEEKS training to take the places of Highly Qualified Teachers, (in accordance with Federal Policy.)Heck, they don’t even have a teaching degree, but, they *know* more than teachers with 20+ years experience — and they steal their jobs!

    ALL of this takes place with the blessings of the school administrations, (who don’t have to pay them top salary, pensions, and extended sick pay for elderly teachers who get sick), and the Federal Department of Education, (who get to pay off others for their contributions to the election. See how Bill Gates et al have become “experts” all of a sudden on education!)

    And in return, these Teach For America psudo-teachers get their ENTIRE EDUCATION PAID FOR — just for doing two years in a public school. Yup — we get to pay for their college bills and their INEXPERIENCE! Even as they push out teachers who are Highly Qualified and have years of experience!

    But, hey, they went to school. So, they know *how to teach,* right?


    Wake up America! You are throwing away your children’s education with this SCAM!

    Like you said, John….just because someone takes a psych course, doesn’t make them an expert in human behavior.

    And just because someone went to school, doesn’t make them an expert on how to teach.

    This is a reality test….


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