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The ‘Going Mental’ Kindle Sweepstakes

We love our readers, but we are always looking for ways to reach even more people to help them learn more about mental health and psychology. We love to read and we hope you do too! In fact, we compose and distribute a weekly newsletter so that folks can keep up-to-date about what’s going on at Psych Central. But we’re always looking for new subscribers.

To that end, we’ve decided to launch our first Sweepstakes — the ‘Going Mental’ Kindle Sweepstakes. We’re ‘going mental’ by giving away 5 new Kindle Readers — one a week — to new subscribers of our weekly Psych Central newsletter.

These are the high-end Kindle readers — the ones with 3G built-in. That means you don’t have to have an Internet connection to even use them. And don’t think you have to buy books to use these things — hundreds of free books are available in the Kindle store, and hundreds of RSS feeds can also be added for minimal monthly fees.

Read on to learn more and how to enter…

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The ‘Going Mental’ Kindle Sweepstakes

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  1. What a great prize for such an important part of our anatomy. You really used your head/brain on this one. Thanks

  2. Great promo…did not know about your website. One problem – have not gotten a confirmation email after I entered! Hope it went through – would love to win. Looking forward to the newsletter!

  3. Great promo and an opportunity to check out your website. My advanced degrees are in Psych and it affects so much of my interaction with others. Looking forward to the newsletter and I will win! Power of Positive thinking!

  4. Thanks for the great promo and website. Hope I win!!

  5. I am 64 and starting to go to college that I always wanted to do. If I could win this it sure would make a big difference in my outlook about life. I am going for a two year degree and the funds from winning this would be of great help. I am on disability so that makes funds short. I am not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me, but winning this sure would be of great importance for both my wife and me. Thank you.

  6. I think having a kindle would be totally cool!

  7. The Kindle e-book makes it easier, lighter in weight, and more enjoyable to read books and other materials. It makes available a much wider selection of enlarged print type and style for people to have books to read. There is no doubt that Kindle e-books are in the wave of publishing in the future.

  8. I am a retired English teacher and on disability,and I have read and heard about the Kindle e-books. What a wonderful gift to someone. Although I am becoming older (63), I am working on my Ph.D in psychology. However, due to my age and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), my eyes are becoming worse. Reading is becoming more difficult every year.The idea of not being able to read the small text of a book is greatly upsetting to me. I can have my textbooks placed on-line and enlarge the words, but I cannot have the words of wonderful classic, I had hoped to read in my retirement, enlarged to read them.I started reading long before going to school and want to read until my last breathe. If I won a Kindle,I would be able to continue reading the books I want in large print instead of the ones some publishing company thinks older people want to read. My mother is still able to read at 87. Unless I have something like the Kindle-e books, I will not being reading at 87.

  9. Your kindness is so appreciated especially during these difficult financial times:)

  10. I would LOVE to own this!

  11. Just making a comment. My sons gave me a kindle for Christmas and its the best Present I ever had (and they really give me great Presents) I moaned about them having their own and thought I would never want to use one, as I see all this tec stuff as just putting natural stuff out of use. I love books but the Kindle makes it easier to carry as many books a I like. Especially when travelling the amount of book I carries would just add to the weight and even if you have one book and you are in flight if its rather a thick book you don’t exatly have space to spread out and enjoy, as the room space they give you now a days, you are like sardines in a can unless you can afford to trave Premium and or 1st Class. So hurray to the kindle ah can just fling it in my hand bag or my pocket and it light and easy . Come in handy as well when I am out working and have to wait around I sit anywhere, Bus stop, Park or just on a wall and read till its time for me to resume my work.



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