Late last week, I received this notice that may be of interest to readers who are interested in the topic of schizophrenia and peer-reviewed journal articles:

The Special Issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science on Schizophrenia has been getting so much attention that, in special …

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Special Issue on Schizophrenia is Free and Open

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  1. Thanks. This inoformation is very much appreciated. I have a son with Autism that may be diagnosed soon with schizoprenia. It runs on both sides of my family. He is high functioning Autism. This would be in the rare area but I guess someone has to be that rare person. I read all I can get on my hands on. I am a phamacist so I am not without information on the treatment. Thanks again!

    • I’m very interested in the diagnosis of schizophrenia, and types of the “disease”, remember during an “episode” “delusion” people with this label are hyper aware in all 6, yes 6 senses….sometimes this will come on so fat the person is scared!! obviously!!! I have been diagnosed with it, and put on all types of medication for it, and fought through the side effects of the medications!!! I’m extremely intelligent ( I excel at math and Science), I have been studying this disease and at the same time I’m looking into other resourses such as other Sciences, some ancient ones, and other conditions…if you are a pharmasist please stop with over medicating the child, and do more scientic research, and spiritul research!!! He may have a message for you??? get him relaxed anyway possible (I personally feel cannibis is a natural medication, and in the case of extreme anxiety, it may work)(FYI I have read the bible and even jesus did it!!) anyway whatever method sooths him get him to relax, tell him something very personal about you, a secret!!! only you and him share…gain trust!!! Then listen to what he’s telling you!!! write it down!!! then research it!!! let me know if this helps, and let your son know everything is going to be ok, hug him, and tell him there are other people that have experenced the same thing and is working on it!!! I’m very determined to get to the bottom of this phenomenom!!! Just dont over drug him or think hes just crazy, it may be science, he may have been enlightened and is scared out of his mind!!! Keep him calm and happy, play his favorite music, no matter what it is!!! give him paper, pens, markers, paint, let him express him self artisticly….it takes time, but you cant let him slip into a depression!!! keep him active, outside as much as possible, let him explore nature, and have friends!!! very important, dont treat him like he’s sick, he is not!!!

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