Massive cutbacks to Massachusetts mental health services have taken effect as of Thanksgiving, including the elimination of 170 mental health care positions, restrictions placed on access to residential programs, and refusal of new admissions to state psychiatric hospitals.

The shocking move by Republican governor Romney to …

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Massachusetts Severs Psychiatric Care

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  1. I’m a fellow Canadian. I don’t know where in canada you live but is this really any different from what has happened over the past couple of decades to the mentally ill in this country? We’ve closed whole psychology/psychiatry departments, hundreds of hospital wards or even entire hospitals, and delegated care of the mentally ill to prisons and shelters for the homeless. It’s shameful. But let’s not point fingers at the Americans when we’re doing the same thing.

  2. Hi David – Thanks for your comment. You’re right, and I am painfully aware of how the system is deteriorating in Canada. That’s shameful too. I have no problem pointing fingers at Canadian politicians and am active and vocal about it in my community. Trying to implement the Kirby report, for one thing, is an important issue right now. I haven’t written much on this site (but have written some) mostly because the process tends to be less dramatic. Suddenly closing for new admissions, hospitals dumping patients in hospital gowns on skid row, psychotic prisoners being executed, etc. isn’t the Canadian way; Senate committee reports and CPAC coverage and community consultations ensures nothing happens very quickly.

    But I’m glad you brought it up as I sure don’t want international readers to think Canada is a bed of roses, and will write about it in more detail in future. I’ve got more than one finger on my hand to point; really, I don’t have enough fingers to go around.

  3. Thanks for posting this. When will people realize that mental illness is the same as physical illness and needs the same amount of attention and resources…Oops…forgot Americans don’t think health care should be distributed equitably.

  4. Re: the topic of the story posted – it’s outrageous. Mitt is shining up his hair for a presidential run. Isn’t it astounding how completely ignorant he and his advisors are to think that this is not a violation of our rights? The Americans with Disabilities Act states that we are to be treated equally, regardless of our diagnosis – this includes psychiatric diagnoses. It’s ignorant to believe that mental illness can be put on hold for the sake of budget and politics.

    I’m past angry.


    P.S. Some of us Americans DO think health care should be distributed equally. We don’t exactly think with one mind here, eh?

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