Afraid to Leave the House? TV Documentary Wants YouIf you or someone you know is confined to your home due to anxiety, fear, panic, OCD, or other issues, there may be help available to you.

A new documentary …

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Afraid to Leave the House? TV Documentary Wants You

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  1. hi there.

    my name is Fabiana, i1m brazilian, 32 years old, and diagnosed manic depressive since 20 years old.

    i writing cause at the end of 2007 i had this big panic generalized anxiety attack, not my first, but the most long and severity one. I stayed locked inside my house until 2009, helped by my parents and my doctor. With faith, love and treatment i begun to walk outside (but not alone just if someone from my family together) and talk to others, the reflections of 2007 i still feel today, im not totally recovered, im not totally free to walk everywhere and/or everyhour, now i depend on my humor… but i can feel life around me again and i know its getting better. my good thinking is: slowly the foundations are stronger.

    thats it.

  2. I can’t decide if this recent trend toward TV shows depicting psychological treatment is good or bad. On one hand, it educates people about OCD, drug addiction,etc and makes people who have these problems feel less alone, on the other hand, they often run the fine line between helping and exploitation.

  3. I came to post what Lynn summed up so nicely. When does this turn from help to exploitation? Why does one need a TV program to help other people? Why do we need to, or want to, watch other people suffering for entertainment?

  4. I like others here an skeptical about the idea of tv help. Doctor Phil is the biggest quack on tv. And I never agree with his tactics. I am an agorphobic but I do not wish to be exploited by some tv doc looking for ratings!

  5. I know this professional first-hand (no, it’s not Dr. Phil), and I wouldn’t post an announcement of this sort without first vetting it.

    I’m of two minds about such programs and feel that if done well and respectfully, they can generally be helpful both to the participants, and to those watching — through the education and outreach they provide. Remember, not everyone is online or feels comfortable surfing the Internet. TV still reaches a lot more people, and it’s a valid communications medium for education and information like this.

  6. I understand being hesitant about another show that wants to broadcast such a deeply personal problem. There are certainly plenty of shows that seem more interested in exploiting the folks on it than helping them.

    However, there are some great shows out there and it can be very helpful for sufferers to see they are not alone and get some ideas for help. It’s also educational for their loved ones to see “a day in the life”, which often leads to more understanding and sympathy.

    I’m glad Dr. Grohol is being selective in what he posts and I hope this show ends up helping and educating people. When a show, movie, website or book can show people that getting better is possible for them, it gives hope. Sometimes hope is the first lifeline someone needs.

    People can check for more info on anxiety disorders here:

  7. im a 34 year old mum of a 15 year old and a 12 year old,ever sinece my dad died when i was 21 a year later i have been housebound agraphobic…..i just wanted to ask you if your t.v documentry would help me as iv tried everything here n northern ireland,my last resort was appearing on a bbc1 documentry here were i and 6 other volenteers appeared on the show it did help me as were were locked away for 10 days with 3 professionals….im now back to having anxiety attack and really want to get out of this house.thanks for listening.

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