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Is He Checking You Out?

How do you know if someone is checking you out?

New research suggests that it may have something to do with how masculine or feminine a face looks.

Women were able to more quickly determine whether someone was looking at them when that person’s face was more masculine. The same is true with men, except they could make the determination more quickly when the face was more feminine.

Men were no quicker in determining gaze direction when looking at other men’s faces, nor were women able to more quickly determine gaze direction when looking at other women’s faces. This, the researchers say, suggests an evolutionary component is at work for mate selection.

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Is He Checking You Out?

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  1. Of course, I check out all of the women, all of the time, even if front of my spouse, because our relationship is on a downward spiral and I have written a short poem.
    Just a thought

    The Fence
    What is a fence, a permeable barrier to delineate a piece of property, and it is also a fa├žade that people use to keep part of their life a guarded secret, sometimes these things come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from a simple picket fence to the ornate iron post, that sits around a stately manor somewhere in the city, occasionally these fences make a metamorphosis into a brick or cement wall, that even the noblest person cannot break through, why have you forced the issue, you have even fortified the wall that is all around, and those pop shots that you send my way, are a further guaranty that I will not even broach the subject, why should I try, only to be shot down in a rolled up ball of despair, still reeling from the sting of defeat, yes I am here, and I will stay here, over in the corner safe from the possibility to denial or to have my emotions destroyed or played with, what did I do to deserve this treatment, how many times can I say it was my fault, what is it that you want, the door is always open for you to leave, I can see the grass on the other side and it has begun to look tantalizing, the angels from beyond call out to me, I sometimes call to her, with her soft voice of acceptance and her sensuous touch, why are you driving me away, if we separate we will never meet again, only in passing, sometimes I wonder what it is like, to have a wife who appreciates me for who I am, if you ever see her in your mirror, tell her I was looking for her, I think I want her back, it has been so long, and if she tells you to give me the message of denial, that is okay, but tell me soon, my angel keeps calling me and life is much to short.

  2. I can always tell when someone is checking me out, whether it’s a guy or girl. And it’s so interesting how a lot of guys and girls are checking me out now that I’ve lost almost 100 pounds, but when I weighed over 200 pounds, I didn’t get many looks. In fact, the only looks I was getting were looks of disgust, that a woman like me, could get THAT heavy! lol. Now that I’m about 123 pounds and 5’5″ perfect height w/ weight, everyone and anyone is checking me out, but I just don’t get it! I am the same person now, as I was the same person then!

  3. I think the clue is that now you no longer APPEAR to be someone who doesn’t seem able or willing to care – and do something- about your health and/or appearance. Not that that was necessarily true of you, but appearances and first impressions are, unfortunately a fact of life. Hope you are successful in maintaining your new shape and that “checking you out” bodes well for your future.



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