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Top Ten Terrific Things About Bipolar Disorder

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  1. You don’t need to be lucky to come out on top of BP. You have to will your ascent into existence. And I agree that it’s rough, after all the hell of it is what we are. But we don’t have to acknowledge that hell. It’s all about perception. If you can look at it from the correct standpoint then you will find BP is visionary embodied.

  2. This does a nothing but make fun of a very serious issue SHAME ON YOU ,by the way I have been BP for over 30 years. Keep The Faith Scotland

  3. This is complete B.S. There are webites out there that are legitimately trying to help people gain perspective and wisdom and you go about endorsing all the negative aspects that Always end up in depression. To see both sides of elation and depression is not a gift when that depression is so deep and dark that we as sufferers don’t even know if we will survive until the next period of elation. Try telling these things to someones family who comitted suicide due to depression.

    to me it is all just blah blah blah blah blah

  4. I’ve had bipolar disorder my whole life. It escalated recently due to a miscarriage at five months just last June after my ex-fiancé proposed to me. I remember the first time I was sad I was at least 5 years old. I was sexually abused at a young age by a close family member and hid this from the world for twenty years. I love my parents and those close to me, when I first tried reaching out for help as I recognized something was wrong; I was at least sixteen years old and my parents said I couldn’t have depresssion because people like that believe in the devil, aren’t close with God, and kill other people. I was hurt by this and just felt alone as I realized I needed to understand the world and they needed to understand me. It’s hard to establish a relationship with someone who is bipolar especially if they’re not treated or don’t know they’re bipolar. I’m a creative individual and love to read. I graduated second in my class and believe it or not, my succcesses is what kept me going in life. My first relationship was when I was 23, it was horrible. He was manipulative, I caught his lies and cheating. What made my disorder escalate at this time was his verbal abuse and the fact he exploited to the world our intimacy. I was always unstable, the mistrust for him, other men and people embarked through that rough relationship. This was when I started to become paranoid and delusional. I made a mistake trying to date again. I hurt a man that meant only to take care about me and help me but I broke his heart. At hurting him I was hurt too. In this last relationship, everything seemed perfect until he started to accuse me constantly of things like cheating, of looking at men. His put downs tormented me all the way till I lost the baby. He changed very much, as he no longer seemed to interested to marry me since I lost the baby. He couldn’t stand me when Id cry alone in the dark and would tell me Im lame and other mean things. Some of our arguments resulted through my disorder, while he contributed in others and he loved to retaliate. I then one day burned my body, and Aldo pointed a gun to my head. Rather than having his love and support, he’d say I was lame, he’d get tempered or tell me to shut up. Even my apologies seemed nothing much to him. When I finally got help, I was stable until one day I relapsed. He was huffing and puffing till he took me to my parents home and said he gave up and told my parents I was they’re responsibility and not his. I cried so much saying that if I was only normal, he wouldn’t have walked away. He expected me to get better on my own so that when I was better he’d come back. I didn’t want this. I needed someone who’d be there in the good and bad. He forgot for an instant that these pills aren’t magical as it takes time to adjust and we can have those bad days when the inevitable happens. We grew more apart. It’s hard to be trapped in your own mind. He later told me I was a psycho, that it was my fault I lost the baby. I had to decide either it was him or my sanity. I chose me. There were moments I was considerate of his feelings and at times I wasn’t, although he’d forget it was because of the BD. It’s hard to establish a relationship with anyone with this disorder unless they’re medicated or balanced. You’re paranoid, delusional, depressed, anxiety, then the cycle starts all over. Never ending. Then if the other spouse isn’t supportive and harmful, it will make this cycle worst. I’m not perfect, I know Ill have good and bad days, and he’s not ready to be committed fully to me. So I left him to try to pick up the pieces to overcome this and not let it overcome me. I recognized all of my mistakes in all of my relationships. Some were due to them, others due to me. He couldn’t even do this. Till this day, ive been stable. I smile often, I don’t harm myself.
    Music is my sanctuary along with arts. I learned to understand the world and how
    they perceived me, and now my goal is to help them understand me. Now I’m more proned and aware of ignoring negativity and my main focus is to help kids with BD because I had it since I was a kid, only I had no one and it was hell being trapped in my own mind.

  5. Adding to that last comment as well, sometimes….sometimes the best medicine for bipolar people isn’t medicine, it’s giving them your love always be it from a friend, parent or spouse, sometimes it helps to just talk or be there. Love isn’t an obligation, rather it’s a gift. It works wonders when people are truly there.

  6. Bipolar for the most part is a very admirable trait. It’s just that people with bipolar are trying to live a simple life in a complex world.

    I have bipolar and the biggest struggle for me is trying to make friends. The loneliness of bipolar is at times unbearable. I have trouble forming relationships with others because they operate on an individual basis while I try to “look at the big picture”.

    If I had to choose a path in life to be bipolar or normal I would choose bipolar. Two people in one mind, the invisible friend that never left your side…

    • “If I had to choose a path in life to be bipolar or normal I would choose bipolar. Two people in one mind, the invisible friend that never left your side…”

      Who would ever choose to be Bipolar? I’m replying to exodia1212. Sure, the invisible friend in my mind is my ONLY friend. I’m lonely as hell, and know I will never be in a relationship, have children, have friends. I looked after my dying Mother and putting up with me must have been pure hell for her. I have so many regrets about my actions and behaviour. Every day I wish I would die already. All the doctors in the world don’t understand this curse. I’ve been heavily medicated to no medication and back. Nothing works. Sure I’m super smart, lots of education, had a million careers and yes, incredibly creative and talented. All of that means nothing when you don’t have a friend in the world, your own family can’t put up with you and any career choice leaves me bored in 2 months or under. The only release from this existence is death. What is the use of being so creative when you can’t function as a normal person to express it, create it, make a living at it? Who on earth would choose this BP life? It’s not worth the anguish, guilt, endless insomnia, fast talk, frequent suicidal thoughts, a mountain of creative ideas that can’t get out fast enough, etc., etc. My life was so not worth doing…

  7. Hah, this is awesome.

    I’ve been having a particularly bad(well, for me) episode this week, and this article sure put a smile on my face!

  8. Just this week ive been Diagnosed with BiPolar. It was an odd experience at my age 20 to learn I had a disorder but its has explained so much about myself. The things ive achieved in the manic stage which I never knew I was in are surely down to bipolar as are the crazy things ive done such as drunken and gambling sessions that nearly ruined me, both very contrasting. Ive also travelled alot of the world due to my spur of moment behavior and also took leaps of faith that led to numerous opportunity’s but ive also nearly destroyed myself. At my young age ive lived the extremes of life from the highest sporting achievments to waking up on street corners after a drunken binge.In my depressed stage I also tend to drink and gamble but it too has its upside as it puts everything into perspective. To summaries my experience, the positives of Bi Polar can make it something to be happy about, for that reason I will strive to learn to adapt to the syndrome and I have no interest in getting medication because I don’t want this opportunity taken away.

  9. Great attitude! I am a bipolar who is now, after 40 years taking control and viewing certain parts of my illness as blessings. Only God can keep u truly stable!

  10. I think bi-polar is a gift, its hard when your’e young and have no independence because you have too many rules to conform to and you still haven’t learnt to control it but I’m proud of the creative way I think and channel it through writing songs on my guitar. Many bipolar people are believe or not very down to earth, like it says in the article they can see things from both ends of the spectrum and this is a great quality to have. As long as you find a way to channel your lows and highs you can embrace life like many other people can’t.

    I have had some serious lows such as when I was drunk and put my fist through three glass windows
    but now I know not to drink too much. Its hard to control my imagination when talking to people sometimes but I’ve learnt to use this as humour and tbh if people don’t like it its their problem as I always have good intentions.

    There are so many successful talented people with bipolar, its a gift, embrace it.

  11. Bi-polar is a gift? OMG, if so, it’s one I would like to return. I am a 56 year old female who has been Bi-polar since 14 (that I can recall) Constant drug abuse, drinking and very reckless behaviour. I’ve had the “highest” of highs as recent as 2009 running up $80,000 on credit cards, to the lowest of lows. Lying on a beach in Mexico alone, after ingesting 100 Tylenol just waiting to die. At the time I had a 14 year old daughter who was staying with a friend in Toronto. I survived this attempt, like many others over the years. I have put my family and friends through hell. I have now pushed all of them away, as people simply do not know what to do to help. My own daughter who is now 31 and living in Thailand, has been my lifeline, but I have interferred in her life so much, I fear she will be the next to turn her back. My 37 year old son, decided after he married that he would cut me out of his life to avoid any drama. My last and most severe manic episode lasted 6 months and they were the most AWESOME times, I crashed after that and for the past 2 years I have3 been depressed. I still dabble in illicent drugs as it is the only time I feel okay. I am from a very dysfunctional family and believe my fathr was bi-polar knowing what I know now. Boring and simple would be a “gift” Prior to finding this blog, I was googling pill combinations to end this. How I wish I could see this as some of the previous posters.

    • NoGift

      I’m sure that most of us can relate to your troubles w/Bipolar illness, but I think you’re missing the point of this article. Nowhere does it suggest that bipolar is a gift, it is merely pointing out the upside of the illness– something I commend the author for, bc all we ever hear about is the harm & negative aspects of bipolar. I, for one, was tickled & appreciative to come across this most unusual (& very accurate) take on bipolar illness.

  12. Omg, when I read this, I recognized myself, it described me to a tee. I always thought this was my own personal personality. I’m almost kind of bummed, that I’m a fraud… all these qualities that I have that ppl envy & admire of me, are a direct result of my bipolar illness??

    Yeah, things can get hard, but I wouldn’t trade what BP illness has made possible for me. Before it’s onset, I was severely & cripplingly shy– bipolar released me from this miserable existence at 16 y/o. Small price to pay as far as I’m concerned.

    • To adventurista. I too was very shy and have very bad anxiety when in social settings as well as crazy mood swings to the point I had to warn my family that I wasn’t good company that day or week. I have had many ups as well as many downs too. I am trying really hard to embrace this diorder cause let’s face it, it’s for life. It is a forever part of me. I speak openly to everyone about this. It’s part of my disclaimer to people. Of course it’s a joke but there is some truth behind it. LOL Even though this is a very serious condition that ruins lives I still have to have a sense of humore about this condition. And by the way you are not a false person.

  13. Omg, when I read this, I recognized myself, it described me to a tee. I always thought this was my own personal personality. I’m almost kind of bummed, that I’m a fraud… all these qualities that I have that ppl envy & admire of me, are a direct result of my bipolar illness??

    Yeah, things can get hard, but I wouldn’t trade what BP illness has made possible for me. Before it’s onset, I was severely & cripplingly shy– bipolar released me from this miserable existence at 16 y/o. I mean, try containing a manic person! Small price to pay as far as I’m concerned.

  14. After having Bipolar since i was…you guess is as good as mine to be honest. Got told when i was 18 by a Doctor that i have the illness, but let’s face it i’m sure i had it before that. Now 25, hardly speak to any of my family, did i push them away, could they not help any more??? That’s just one of those things that happenes for a lot of people that suffer with Bipolar. Have lost 90% of my friends, which has been very hard and sad for me, they mean the owrld to me (friends and family) and now they have nearly all gone. Spend most my days smoking pot, as that is the only thing that makes me feel content. Not the person i wanna be, but hay, shit happens.

    I would not wish Bipolar on any one. To all of you out there that suffer with the illness, i take my hat of to you. x

  15. I think it all takes practice. If its one thing I thought of and decided to do was simple advice that most psychologists could not give me was just this: Whenever I feel angry and negative and push others away as what most people like I myself with this disorder normally do; I actually have to genuinely ask myself if that’s what I genuinely want, and if it is something that will make me happy. I would also think of the consequences of those bad decisions and what I actually had to do to just make it better. A magical med pill wont make things any better; I had to just try to make it better. I was also on a mission to prove people wrong. I was always discouraged by people in that I was a nothing and when I say that I mean it from a standpoint that it was actually said; and not a case of me being paranoid. I began to look at all possibilities and began to eliminate them one by one to enjoy and savor my life eveyday. For one thing, I stopped hating the world, I stopped hating my life, and stopped feeling sorry for myself. I began to read more and more about this disorder and about people with this disorder. I have learned things from those with good outcomes and those with both outcomes. I eliminated impulsive reactions and began thinking constructively about each and every decision made. I asked for help rather than being so introverted into thinking I am better off alone in obtaining success, love, etc. Ever since I was a kid I had these terrible mood swings and at a young age knew something was wrong but mom and dad ignored m request for help because they said I was an A student being accepted to the best universities and colleges and that that determined I was just being hormonal. Things did not escalate with my disorder until I lost my son, and underwent a separation from my domestic spouse. I became so emotionally unstable that the relationship went awry shortly after the departure of my son; and when the relationship reached its toll, I began to mutilate my body. I had forgotten for the first time in a long time what it was to be happy. I remembered doing well in school, being confident and passionate about life and was always told I was born to succeed. Yeah there were moments I would be said and in depressive moods but I would overcome them through accomplishments. But its things like this that tore me up and this thing I once thought to be as a small and careless issue when I was 16, turned out to be something serious. In order to keep the relationship, I wanted to just try, try my very best to show that I can change. I loved him enough to understand what I needed to do, and to accept what it was I did wrong. IN the end, I walked away from the relationship not because I wanted to, but because he taught me what it was like to not be so selfish. And I…I was always selfish. I loved him enought to want the best for him without resentments. I was obviously never the best thing and he did later admit that he was afraid to be with me because of my disorder. I will admit I was so discouraged at the fact that I loved a man who would not love me because of this defect. But it isnt true. It would not be true love at all as when it really is, a person will love you above all even when the rough gets rough. I tried so hard and the times I pushed him away was so he can find a girl that was supposedly “normal” according to him. But he would come back. and when he did I became emotionally unstable. I cutoff all communication because this relationship was not healthy for me and I wanted to get better and try to be happy. I have not talked to him since, and I am not resentful for it either because I am aware of what would happen if I did indeed succumb into this sadness. I am not an alcoholic nor do I do drugs, pot, and nor am I promiscuous. But…I am an impulsive shopper. I looooved to shop. Because everytime I did so, It fullfilled this empty whole when I was at my lows. The worst was my anxiety attacks. I would be find one day and out of nowhere I would be in a flight or fight situation for no apparent reason. I wanted to change my life and just wanted so hard to prove the world that people like me can be amazing and unstoppable and I wanted to teach the world about this disorder and help them perceive what it was in hopes they would understand. I stopped feeling discouraged about my decisions and I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a young girl, who was not beautiful nor ugly, and had to genuinely know for my own self if I wanted to prove the world wrong. I decided to teach people to perceive this disorder as many people had such a misunderstanding about bipolar disorder. I began to think of the consequences for every impulsive action I mad and used that reason to just make my life better. I had to not take things so harshly when my boss, people gave me feedback, advice, or criticsm. I instead listened and worked hard to just get to where I needed to be. I paid off my credit cards and cut them up. I began to do this thing where if I want something, I had just work very hard and I also set a budget for spending on apparal or even things and save up for better days and a better life…it is true you know; this is a gift because the upside of this, is knowing how you can channel out this illness without hurting yourself,or hurting others, and out of that we uncover people with amazing personalities and talents. I learned about how talented I was in the world of art: I became a good computer programmer, I loved so much to paint, I looked at clothes I wanted online that I chose not to buy and decided to pull out clothes I no longer used to create my own clothing and it turns out it was amazing, I learned to decorate and make wedding cakes, so many things I could not have known I would be good at. You know something else, people can say we are cynical, or crazy or difficult people to live with but dont be discouraged by this. Half of them may know or live with someone with the disorder but two things are certain: everyone with this disorder is DIFFERENT in some way, and feel different; we also cannot imply they are experts on what we have as it is sheer ignorance. Instead, prove them wrong. A pill, a psychiatrist, and other treatment wont help out unless if you find a way around your moods. I kept people who were good to my life in my world and did away with people who were negative influences out. Mom and dad dont understand my disorder to this day and cannot expect nor force them too but we make a compromise…that when I feel somewhat ill…that I need my space so they wont worry, and wont feel like I am being defensive…and all I ask is five minutes to just weigh it out…and when that moment passes I come back to the table to eat and just enjoy my life with my family but not pushing them away like I used to and learning to make compromises when the going gets tough. When I feel sad, I pull out my acrylic paints and paint or watch a movie, or bring out my sewing machine and create countless apparels. When I feel angry and paranoid, I look at mom and dad and my family and friends, and I just hold them tight so they know I won’t push them away this time despite of the disagreement, and I look upon those I have offended and say with assertiveness what was going on and ask for forgiveness. I asked for forgiveness by meaning it and recognizing what it was I actually did wrong. I also began to ask questions about many things I was not certain about to not jump into conclusions as I normally did before and would create these unreal problems and scenarious in my mind that were not true and would not every occur. As far as my manic depression, I took vitiamins like B Complex twice a day, no caffeine or chocolate, three cups of chammomile tea, Vitamin D, and I ask myself this when I do feel sad: “Is it worth crying, is this person or situation worth crying for and does this current problem that I am in have a solution and if it truly does have a solution; why should it deserve my tears.” This change did not take overnight. I had to practice every single day of my life. Chamomile tea actually replaces those addictive muscle relaxers and other anti depressants not to mention it is healthier than taking so much medicine. It naturally soothes your body. Linden tea is also amazing. I look at my scars now, and I remembered when they were still fresh…burn marks; that’s right…I did mention earlier I mutilated my body but never mentioned how; I burned my body and I was so numb to my pain and sadness that I did not know of the degree on how bad I was burning my body. I look and see that they are there to remind me of how much of a long way I have come and how much more I need to go further. I also stopped caring about what the world had to say because some people would give me good advice while others just were so negative and I remembered how much joy they took from my small moment of happiness. 50% of the people in my life say negative things as an excuse use my disorder to say its me not them, 30% of the people think they understand and want to help me, 20% of the people at times discourage me by saying things that are meaningless or say I am going to sink down a whole or end up never finding true love and never having children because women like me will kill they’re children which is downright sad if you know what I mean, while the rest of the 10% are people who just want to understand or choose to not say anything about whatever is going on and remain neutral. In this whole journey and process, I learned so much from people and learned that not very many people have a positive perception and knowledge about this disorder, and I learned that when I did do all that was right, and made no judgements against anyone, did not become sad, defensive, paranoid, impulsive, outraged and just did what I had to do on a normal typical day; people were still not happy and would give me a hard time. When I tried to resolve the matter with dimplomacy and not with rage like I used to before; some of these women or men attacked me even after I had all the proof in the world to turn them in for what they had said and done just so no one thought I was crazy or paranoid; shamelessly they used my bipolar disorder to explain I was not a good coworker to work with. I did meet influential people to help me out because I had work such along way, and realized that there are moments where I can recognize I did something wrong because of my bipolar disorder and other moments where I can say I am sane enought to establish when otheres are just being malicous. Its compromising situations like these I always had to be careful of. Yes, some of us have bipolar disorder and can get over emotional at times but believe me, there are people who contribte to what we feel or are there to make us miserable. I learned to remain extremely calm in situations like these and with SO much patience because patience is not my virtue and neither is remaining calm. I also began to dissiminate any bad habits passed on by others to just correct as much of my life as I could. I used to please people so much when I was a my lows, and that too was a mistake. For all of you who have this disorder, its not too late at all for anything, we will come across people, life, or situations that will discourage us into the bad direction even while having this disorder but think about all the good things and possibilities in your life and work towards that. Dont fill your life with Buts, If’s and I can’ts…say for once, ok I can try, or I will try, and I will do this…may sound like shinanigans but trust me; I was in a hole sinking furhter to a point of no return and if I am sharing this happiness with you is because I want you to experience that and hopefully you can help others savor that moment too. I know it may not be much help, but trust me, with all my losses I have had and my burnt body to remind me of what hardships I had to overcome to be happy; I know there’s many of you that can do amazing things in life.

  16. All I can say is try, try even harder. There are moments I do have to cry myself to sleep thinking about all the horrible times and all the putdowns. And when this does happen, I set up protocals and back up plans to just put my mind at ease. And when I feel negative about something, I fight that feeling and just tell myself a thousand times how much I love my family and how much I need them. I only push away those I know will put me down or that will simply make me feel negative towards life. I tried doing new things, and when I mean new things, I mean learning new things, interracting with people that will influence me. When the world gives me a poor judgement, rather than me being so negative like I was before; I smile. It is a gift, just not the way you think. There are other people out there in worst positions than we are. There are people without this disorder who have dysfunctional families. There are people who have cancer, are dying, or who have other types of disorders. Some people even have so many problems and they dont even have bipolar disorder. I feel amazed at myself because I am 26, I’ve had this since I was 5. I remember being on a train trip, feeling so sad because my domestic spouse just wanted to end the relationship. I remember flushing the pills down the toilet and telling myself so what if he does not love me, so what if he does not want me. The world is filled with many men, but the search is for one who will love me and adore me for every single defect within me. We are not perfect, but there is no one in this world perfect. This life that we have, its precious. We cannot be cowards by running away from them by pushing people away when they cannot understand us or by simply taking a handful of pills or slicing our bodies. Our problems will never go away even in the after life because it is still a problem unsolved if not here on earch, but also in another dimension. I had to work extremely hard to prove the world wrong. I kept the people that stood proud of me for making much progress, and did away with the people who still despised me even after succeeding. To this day, my dad will hold me tight and will remind me that regardless if I have this disorder, he will always love me. He held me so tight, I wanted to cry. I remeberd how much I wanted to hear that when I had my problems when I first found out I was pregnant. I remembered my ex thinking and accussing me of that baby not being his and how much he wanted a DNA test, and he said that if the baby was his; he would take the baby away from me. I remember feeling so horrible. I would cry every day because he would accuse me of things I had not done. It is very disappointing to love someone who cannot reciprocate the feelings back, and especially if that person brings out the worst in you and in this case, the worst of the worst of having this disorder If only I had not been such a coward and if only I was strong enough to just walk away while I was pregnant, I would not have stressed as much. After losing my baby, I felt so empty. I did not get a chance to enjoy my pregnancy and yet all that would fill up that empty feeling was how hurt I was. How much he hurt me and how negative I was towards everything and anything. I remembered just wanting to die. I wanted to run for the hills, scream, or at times I would daydream a perfect and good life. And in it, my baby was still alive, and my ex loved me and trusted me and everything in general was well. But it was the only small bit of happiness i had and when I awoke up from it, I wanted to be buried six feet under. I took a risk in leaving him in just trying to see if this life is really worth it, if life would get bettter if I started by surrounding myself that won’t make me feel negative towards myself. I only got better. I had a distinct glow. There were moments I was feeling too much anxiety and it felt like I drank five red bulls. Felt like I would have a heart attack, and had so much difficulty in breathing. At times, I would reminesce on sadness, and sometimes on sadness or events that would not occur and have not occurred. I created obstacles, problems, melancholy that did not exist. After that I would feel sorry for myself and envision myself dying in someway, and only a feeling such like that would give me some kind of adrenaline. Its like I was feeding my mind this drug that fed on self pity and it was an addiction I had to fight. I practiced everyday thinking differently. Thinking the opposite of everything I was. I made goals to see my problems more constructively, I discovered I was always talented and creative, successful, I used that reason to be a reason for my own drive and a reason for me to be content about life. I let go of that feeling of being known as the “worry-wart”, always worrying and jumping to conclusions. So I told myself one day, so what if I wake up one day and lose my job over layoffs, so what if people gossip about why I burnt my body, so what if people have to stare and make terrible comments and laugh at me, so what if my my friends put a knife on on my back because they think that people like me with this disorder are crazy and go from being good friends with advice to malevolic people who’d wish I would just disappear, so what if I don’t find true love. But I do so as much care that I live to breath everyday and appreciate this disorder as much as I can. I learned there are amazing people with bipolar disorder like Einstein who can create anything and still touch people’s lives with inspiration. And if I don’t find a wonderful man to adore me, I one day will adopt a baby, or travel the world. rather than helping myself pick up all the pieces I have left in different places, i asked for help to pick them up and I in turn have helped others. Its difficult to be trapped in your mind, and be trapped in an endless cycle. I promised myself to be stronger everyday, I promised myself to not listen to those with bad advice, rather listen to others when they say thaqt I am wrong even if the truth may hurt, I had to embrace and recognize the moments I did do something wrong to just know what it was like to just accept what I did wrong, and not see it as a put down, and just not push people away, and just try…try very hard to fix and make amends. When I forced this reason upon me, obstacles seemed to disintegrate. I got better. But I also got better at defeating this bad feeling. I only saw the bad to it because I made poor choices and went with others perceptions instead of my own. But I realized I can either dominate this thing I have or let it overcome me. I overcame it and controlled it, not with medicine, but with my own will. I do see it as a gift, because it is my one reason to force myself to not screw up, it is my one reason to know that I know now why I did not drink or do pot even when I was pressured in school, it is my one reason to know that it forces me to keep my mind constantly stimulated learning new things and discovering new things I am talented of, and consequentially opening doors for me, it is my blessing in disguise and reason to remind me I cannot lose my faith, and it is to me a test to show me how strong I must be to overcome other difficult things in life. I remembered crying over things that made no sense. As I watched my dead baby and cried from the top of my lungs, I remembered at that moment that it was something so tragic as that that was actually worth crying for and not the other shinanigans. People with cancer, diabetes, or uncurable diseases always have to see the positives about life. People with this disorder must do the same. But you have to try. And if you have to… you can piss people off by proving them wrong.

  17. I have a 17 year old son who is bipolar . It’s been a roller coaster for 3 years. Now since diagnosed, he is on medication and my entire family is seeing positive changes. In the above comments, I’m wondering if those people were on meds?
    The pot smoking mentioned only contributes negatively to the bipolar symptoms. Once my son stopped “self-medicating” there was a tremendous positive difference. It’s not easy, but I keep reading lots of books on this subject.

  18. As someone who has been dealing with bipolar since adolescence and only now (35 years old) getting actual treatment, I can say its a blessing and a curse. Yes I have debilitating depressions and irritable manias. However, I have an amazing gift of insight and foresight. My mind is amazing, my thoughts and ideas are absolutely incredible. I am a high achiever but work to help global and societal causes. I work as a pediatric hospice nurse and so I get to see a full breadth of emotions daily. And I can deal with it. I am able to see things from so many different angles, have so many creative things I have done, do now, and am about to do all the time. Yes, I have tried to self medicate with drugs, pills and alcohol as well in my teens and early 20’s. I cannot drink at all and never do anything like that now. So I agree with the article about bipolar having some positive qualities. I am on several different medications to deal with the negative aspects. I try not to focus on them too much. Just try to keep them at bay. it has taken me 15 years to get the right treatment and about 3 years to finally accept this diagnosis. Its ok- i am not my disease. Glad I found this article.

  19. Its so good to no that im not alone

  20. Hello.. Thank you for this article.. While reading it I was feeling like some the others who commented saying its a crock there is nothing good about Mental Illness but then I realized there are positive things about my Bipolar II disorder and that is that I am more tuned into everyone in my life and how I am interacting and I have a ton of empathy and can help others.

    There is a huge negative to almost everyone of those points you listed but why do we have to obsess with the negative. We are smart, talented feeling people, we should attempt to celebrate that fact!

    I believe we are extremely strong people with exceptionally deep feeling and understandings. It’s hard work to control it daily but there are positives that come from it in the end! Thank you for this article!

  21. Thank you for writing this article. I am 21 years old, and damn, it is difficult. This article truly resonates with me. I am so hesitant to start drugs because of the above reasons, not wanting them to be altered in anyway.

    However with all of the pros there is also amplified pros— that turn into cons. (There is TOO much of a good thing.. especially hypersexuality for a 21 year old female college student).

    I still love the article, it allowed to me to have zero shame in appreciating the “odd” parts of this disorder. Regardless of the negatives people can focus on.. The purpose of this was for people who are bi-polar or know people who are bi-polar can see a different prospective, one that they may be blind too, and end up judging something that they possibly do not understand!

    You turned a grayish topic for good and bad and leaned to the white “good” side! The stigma behind bi-polar disorder can sometimes be disgusting and finally someone writes down the reason why us bi-polars sometimes enjoy our extra libido (sucks for people who spend too much.. but that’s not me so la de da to them) :) :) But in all seriousness, thank you so much, this really made my week :)

  22. My X BF was bipolar to the extreme! I wish I had all the energy he had in a bottle to use on days I need a perk! He was super moody and the highs and low were just too much for me to handle after 2years. He wouldn’t take the meds his psychiatrist/Dr prescribed and he would go beyond mania and get totally abusive! I loved him and it hurt that he couldn’t keep a job, be loving towards me and he cheated on me with more women then I want to know. It is a very serious illness and I could not tolerate it any longer. If the physical abuse wasn’t killing me…then the threats and violence would have.

  23. I found your article baffling. Nothing you said made any sense. Then I realized you’re not a doctor. You were only stating your opinion of how terrific a bipolar life is. That was the baffling part. Your list is a stark contrast to caring for my bipolar spouse when he’s in a manic rage and threatening to kill people. Ask my children if they think its so terrific when they are the targets of verbal abuse and domestic violence?? What is the purpose of this article?? Are you encouraging bipolars to not take their medication so they can ‘be creative’? Or is this an attempt to make people living with bipolar to “feel better”? I suggest you quit sugar coating this horrible illness. No episode EVER ends well!!!! There’s nothing but a path of destruction, and a whole lot of heartache.

  24. Being bipolar is part of me, and I wouldn’t be me without it.

  25. I agree with the article and appreciate it, I’m bipolar type 1 and mania can be super energized, euphoric and a creative flow of brilliance… YES there is a downside, yes the other end of the “poles” is bad but the article is about the top ten best things, not the worst… and I agree with it. My life can be really effed up, but honestly I’m glad I’m bipolar. Other people may never feel as bad as I do but they will never feel the euphoria or as good about myself as I can and I do also… my mom taught me that. She was bipolar also. I have had hideous longgg depressive episodes, but I am manic more, that may be the difference in perspective.

  26. I didn’t read all of you article but enough to get angry. I was successfully married, decent husband, great father, self employed. Was put on zoloft before my bipolar 1 dx. Bipolar ruined my marriage, changed my kids lives and has nearly or has wrecked life. I am still a good father but live with the guilt that it has affected lives. This was something I desparately tried to avoid. There is not one damn good thing about bipolar. I very much disagree with your well intended view.

  27. This is irresponsible tripe. It should be taken down and you reported. This is the crap that makes people not get treated, or enjoy and ride out the mania, doing terrible harm to themselves and leading to a particularly bad crash. Not only am I bipolar but have an MA in counseling. Shame shame SHAME on you.

  28. im a bipolar bear too, i write too n im happy now that it has been proved that bipolar is a gift not curse !

  29. Really?
    Maybe it’s just my experience but none of this crap is worth taking 5-6 different meds to try to act “normal” so that I don’t think I have a mission to accomplish that requires me to go to inner city people to spread good news that we can ease all suffering.

    Yes, I am very creative! I’m writing a book and it is actually really good. But I can’t finish it! Because you know what? It gets interrupted by those lovely ups and downs and those wonderful periods of time when I can see things from the darkest of suicidal hell (which is good).

    These are ridiculous!
    Not sleeping for days?????? that’s good? I think it’s great when I’m manic but I’m told that it’s not great for me physically and that it actually shortens my life.

    Ups and downs are good?? So when you get yanked up and down with no warning and your life gets messed up and everyone around you gets messed up too, that’s great because you see it from both ends!! yippee!!

    And depression, oh yes. I love to compare the wonderful black abyss of hell and wish to die to the light of happiness because it makes the happiness so much brighter! Yay!

    oh, I get it. So here is what we have to do. All it requires is a simple distillation. Then we have the good parts of bipolar and the bad parts can be left behind!!
    That’s the solution. But too bad it does not work that way and we are stuck with all of it and so this whole thing is a mockery of those of us who can’t just sit down and think about how wonderful we are.

    • Riley, you don’t lose the creativity when you become stabilized. I agree that the article is written a bit tritely, but you don’t have to live with the ups and downs. We’ll never be normal or average, but do you really want to be? I sure don’t.

  30. Really love this post… Thank you for posting it

  31. hello,

    I just came across this blog when I googled “how are bipolar people so creative” to find that it was number 1 on your list! A person very close to me has to deal with the ups and downs of this rarity, and this helps me appreciate her brilliance even more.

    a student who loves psychology

  32. With every gift, there is a curse, but with help, *you can* diminish the dark side. If you think that you’re bipolar, see your doctor. If you don’t have insurance, find a clinic. Talk to people who know you, who know your behavior. If you don’t have friends (I have very few), research it. Don’t look it up on Wiki! WebMd and National Institute on Mental Health or The Mayo Clinic. *Reliable sources* If you go to a doctor and tell him, “I read on Wiki that…”, the doctor will take that with a shaker of salt.

    You don’t have to live in an abyss, but you can’t do it alone.

    I’ve been bipolar most of life. I’ve been stabilized for 14 years. I’m thankful for struggling with bipolar. I wouldn’t be me without it, and I’m a very cool person.

  33. Well, I would like to say it is comforting to realize there are many who have acquired bipolar through genetics. Vague? Exactly. To me, Bipolar 1 is like a magician’s double-headed coin; a blessing and a curse, all in one, with one visage, yourself. I’m not inferring or leaning toward upholding the concepts of dual or multiple personalities, which are subjects of debate, as to the existence of those disorders within psychiatric circles, but, instead, supporting and defending, a “disordered” mind, when you, actually, had nothing to do, or say, in the matter. When in hypomania, you are declared “genius”or the “life of the party”. Verbalized comments referencing self-harm get you tagged as “crazy”. What I do know, is that a Bipolar, truly does, get to experience the entire gambit of human emotions; whether she/he wants to do so, or not. Is that truism the bane of my existence? No. I am a pragmatic realist. After living with myself, for 63 years, along with having the diagnosis of manic-depression ( Bipolar) since 18 years of age, to then be diagnosed later in life, at age 42, with PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder, I’ve come to realize that what I can choose is to make “peace” with myself; embracing “me”. We, as humans, tend to define our own self-worth based upon our conception of other’s successes. So, to me, “life” has all boiled down to a matter of perspective; and what lens you view it through. What is success? What is failure? What is want? What is need? What is reality? Indeed!

  34. This is such bull. I’m bipolar and it is only a curse. Stop romanticizing mental illness.

  35. I’m bipolar and now 52 years old. I’ve managed to accomplish much and been a positive to others. However, I’ve suffered deeply and had a hard life. I’d not wish this condition on others, but that’s not my call. I fathered three kids of my own and step-fathered three more. The children and their mothers would agree that I was an exceptional father, devoted partner, but my struggles with the condition left them in despair themselves. I also started three companies and created several hundred jobs and made investors a lot of money. I didn’t manage to sustain any of the relations with my partners, personally or in business. My underlying low self esteem put me in situations where I was taken advantage of, but perhaps with a touch of self-masochism. My condition, particularly the inner turmoil, created misunderstandings. The condition is not for the superficial or anyone who can’t face their own depths. Now, everything I have accomplished personally and financially has fallen apart again, traumatically over the past three years. Today I’m re-creating myself again with a greater responsibility for taking care of myself in light of my condition, which is now more clear to me. I appreciate the “Top Ten” because I’m looking for encouragement. I’m looking for a path that gives hope, relief from the suffering, and some resolution to the confusion my condition has created especially in my children who may face similar patterns in their lives. I find comfort in looking at the path, the creative process, and have to remind myself my purpose is to do good. My restless mind is churning to creating a sustainable vocation or a project that taps my creativity and energy, insights and truth, the passion in my soul, and love in my heart.

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