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Expert: 40 Percent of World of Warcraft Players Addicted

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  1. I would say that addiction is defined by the addict. Generally it has to do with something that is causing problems for the individual in other areas of life.

    Any active can cause problems it is done to the exclusion of some other
    activity, and by doing so causes a problem.

    Is the game time during hours when the individual should be working? sleeping? spending time with family? If negative consequences are not happening, or not happening to an extent htat the individual wants to change behavior, it doesn’t really matter what anybody else calls it.

  2. But isn’t *any* activity a possibility for an “addiction” label? And once one agrees that any activity can become an “addiction,” doesn’t that pretty much make the label meaningless?

    Cocaine is addicting because of its physiological properties within the body; same with alcohol or any substance that has traditionally defined addictions. Emotions also cause physiological changes within the body. So when we say someone is “addicted” to love, we may be in the same ballpark.

    But what about reading? Or talking to others? By doing these daily activities and taking them to an extreme, are they causing physiological changes that I can’t resist?? Or is it simply a choice I’m making, consciously or unconsciously, to continue in the activity?

  3. Yes, it is possible to abuse any activity. To do it to the extent it causes harm in your life.

    How does it help us to say that an addiction has to involve physiogical changes in the body? (Or what activity doesn’t involve physiological changes?)

    Gambling is a serious addiction problem, but does not involve a substance.
    Of course it is a choice you are making consciously to continue in the activity. This is true of cocaine and heroin addiction as well. The label is not meaningless, because it applies only in situations where negative consequences that are unnacceptable to the addict are happening.

    If it were the substance that defined addiction, anyone who ever used alcohol or cocaine would be an addict. It is the relationship to the substance or activity that makes it an addiction. And it is, I’m sorry to say to you quantitatively trained psychologists, a subjective evaluation.

    Now, that being said, there are substances and activities that have a greater tendecy to get people hooked more quickly, and cause trouble in people’s lives more frequently than other substances and activities. Remember when they used to say that cocaine is not physically addictive, but only ‘psychologically’ addictive? This is because the withdrawal i s not so bad compared to heroin, and lasts only a few days. If you use that as your definition, you would be left with only the real heavy hitters like heroin, oxycontin, methadone, & alcohol. But who would say that using cocaine in the form of crack, injectable liquid or powder does not leaad to addiction?

    Sorry, no easy answers. Reality is like that. Do you want them to use a different label for problems with things other than drugs? Like “Compulsive Activity Disorder?” How would that help?

  4. I’m saying let’s not demonize behavior that is within normal limits by most accounts.

    Let’s look at behavior within specific peer groups and not compare gamers with non-gamers.

    Let’s not put stigmatizing labels that are typically associated with far more pervasive, serious disorders (like alcoholism) to possibly pathological behaviors.

  5. There are clear criteria for addiction, amongst them craving to do the activity (“Gnnn, I want to play NOW!”), not being able to stop even though you want to and that it is doing harm to your life and/or other people. Of course, there even more criteria, but I do not remember them all (hey, I may be a psychology student, but I am on vacation right now ;-)).
    The thing is that if you see that some of those criteria apply to you, I recommend that you consider changing something about your gaming behavior. There may be only small problems with your gaming behavior right now, but you should be aware that they can grow to larger problems swiftly.
    And this is why I have to object to the usual defense reaction of gamers. Stop discounting the fact that games like WoW are likely to lead to an addiction. They give you little (and sometimes larger) rewards for your activity but do so intermittently, that is you are not always rewarded but only sometimes. Stop discounting the fact that to a growing number of gamers the aforementioned criteria of addiction do apply.

    Of course, on the other hand, a psychologist guessing the percentage of addicited gamers without a representative sample and without naming the criteria is just… interesting but not really reliable information.

  6. Most of the people who say it’s not an addiction and that we should just let people have their fun are players of world of warcraft. I’m married to a WoW addict who refuses to admit he is one. It has ruined my marriage. We never go anywhere or do anything now and when we do he mentions WoW nonstop, and then he often adds he’s with me at the moment but he’d rather be on WoW and acts like i should be grateful. Wow has changed who he is as a person. He misses work, he gets violent, he refuses to discuss anything, when i mention God he gets a scared look in his eye and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. (he is a believer) Wow keeps him from developing himself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have watched my Man, turn into a 13 year old boy and try to treat me like his mother. It’s disgusting the way this game changes people, and for as much fun as he’s having he does an awful lot of complaining and cussing when he’s playing. Not to mention i have to sleep on the couch because he won’t turn the game down and the computer is next to the bed.
    I once told him that it was WoW or me and he chose WoW. Understand that my husband loves me and is very attracted to me, but because of WoW he has no interest in the real world. The only reason I’m sticking around him is because I vowed i would and this is the worse, but since WoW is in our lives, i don’t know how it can get better. So don’t say you can’t be addicted, it’s just like alcoholism. All they think about is their next drink, they act selfishly and aggressive. It changes who they are….now if thats what makes alcohol a bad thing…wouldn’t the fact that people go through the same thing on WoW make it a bad thing as well.

  7. Well, from what it sounds like of your husband, he sounds like hs IS addicted, but the game DID NOT DO THAT. He has an addictive personality. There are millions of people that DO play the game, and still can carry on a fully social life and work life.

    You husband is damaged goods. You SHOULD have left him when he said he chose WoW over you. It is you fault now for staying with him and dealing with it.

    It is not the game that is the problem, its the type of people that get addicted and obsessed with things WAY too easily that are the problem.

    The same thing applies to liquor. Some people can handle drinking a beer or wine every now and then, and others get addicted and cant stop drinking non stop.

    Would you then say its the beers fault for makeing them addicted? No. Its the mental instability in thier brain.

    So dont blame the game. Blame your husbands disease of addiction. Leave him, or just break the computer and get on with it.

  8. Dear Mrs.K i understand you’re problem.I am Sandro I come from Croatia and sorry for my bad writting but i would suggest that you start searching a theraphy for you’re housband.There are institutions that can help that “mental disorders” (yes it has been proven that intensive gaming is becoming an mental disorder) I myself have a brother that is 25 years old and plays intensive all kind of games.Me and my family are trying to solve this problem but since that is a knew thing there are still answers to be found.This Bill guy is an game addict of some sort because if he wasnt he wouldnt try to defend the game like WoW so pasionatly and telling you to divorce you’re housband! He doesn’t understand things like you and is talking of no experience what so ever.So you see thats someone like you’re husband answering. It is really sad to eaven hear that has happen to you and thrust me there are a lot of people who are having the same problem.I fear this may be a gigantic thing coz when you try to talk to people who do not understand this as much as you do they laugh thinking it is a small matter and 95% say “oh just take his computer away”.It is not that simple I know.Mrs.K if you love you’re husband so much and you know he loves you also you will fight for you’re marriage and try everything you’re husband will see how much you are trying to help him and maby in time just try to acknowledge his roblem if you succeed in doing just that than 95% is already done.Go slow steps and save youre marriage

  9. This looks like a fairly heated discussion, and I have been looking into the whole debate of addiction or not. I am no expert on any particular subject so what I say can be taken with a grain of salt.
    Are there people that are addicted to online games, yes. I am sure that in some form or fashion This can be proven. To say that 40% of the people playing a game are addicted is an extremely biased opinion.
    I am a gamer, and I have a wife who says I am addicted. I do not think that I am, but to put myself to the test as it were I am putting this out to ask. If there are any experts who would like to judge, please do. Initially I started a game and played it every day for too many hours to count. I used it as a means of escape and as a means of socializing.
    I did not skip meals, I did not skip work, I did not skip my “personal time” with my wife. Realistically, I was on the game too much. I would spend hours upon hours playing and playing… not just one game but a couple of different games. I got involved in online relationships, and basically did all the things that are “classically addiction indicators” other than forsaking responsibilities (job, food, sleep (I’m an insomniac so kind of hard to say it was game related there))
    After a lot of fighting with my wife I chose to try and compromise. I went from playing everyday, to playing three times a week, for a few hours (few meaning 3 or 4) each time. This was an acceptable arrangement for my wife (who also plays the same games) but only lasted about 2 weeks before it was still me being on the game too much.
    Once again the fighting resumed, to the point of seperation. Now before everyone says that the game was the reason for the seperation, I beg to differ. The game may have been a small factor, but there were many other more serious issues at hand, lying, miscommunication, hypocrisy, a disolution of trust, etc…

    We are still together, and we still have problems. She says I am addicted because I will not completely quit the game. It does not matter that I have friends that I have met or that I get on once or twice a week, every other week. If I get on the game at all, then I am addicted to it.

    I am stubborn, and I admit that I like my games but I have tried compromising with my wife and because she has read that people who play online games become addicted and let it ruin their lives, she has decided that this is the case with us. Is 6 hours a week too much time? I spend that much time in one night reading a book.

    The reason I’m writing this, is simply to see what others think, as well as to warn off those who are too quick to judge something.

    Side note – I have a Masters Science degree in Information Security, a bachelors in information technology and an associates in International business. I am a 38 year old male.

  10. Hey KC…pick a discipline and move on

  11. Addicted? You’re right… i’m addicted to having fun? Deal…

  12. Other than being able to complain about how other people live their lives is there anything else I have to do to become and “Expert” on anything?

  13. Unfortunately, I have been known as a WoW addict. To those who say that playing a game is just simply having fun, yes, the game is very fun. But the scary part is that when I play, I will lose track of time. Although I do not have a gambling problem, when one hour turns into a three hour session, or a three hour turns into an all-nighter, without any notice, it begins to present a problem. There is some form of addicting entertainment. I don’t know what it is, but I have tried to go “Cold-turkey” off the game and in two days, I am playing more than I had before quitting. Anyways, my point is, don’t just assume that its a personal problem, because I do believe there is something in it, I just don’t know what.

  14. the game is so addicting cuz u really need alot of time to do everything u need to: lvling, getting equips, killing bosses. It all takes a huge amount of time and u want to do faster and faster and faster. 1 h of playing trns into 2h, 2h into 4h and so on.
    Besides, the game never ends :(. Even when u get all ur equips, max lvl and uve done all quests u still wanna play cuz now its time for PvP! Thats the point where ur mind actually changes. U relle get pissed when someone killz u and u become aggresive T_T (well most of ppl do if they forget that its only a game).
    Then suddenly it getes boring O_O. U realise that it really is a great game but do u really have to spend 10h a day playing @_@? u begin to play less. I myself was addicted for over 2 yrs and i think that it wasnt a waste. i wont try out another MMORPG 😛 (bad grades

  15. so, this game. WoW. i’ve heard it often compared to drugs…whats the deal with that? and if you’re trying to go cold turkey and quit the game…the coldest turkey to do would be to delete the game, smash it, burn it, get rid of it. thats quitting. my brother was addicted to gaming for a long time, he would buy one game system, and use it for a while, until a newer better one came out…then he would get that…etc etc…he would also sell his games after he beat them, and get new ones so he never got bored playing. finally, his parents bought all his games and gaming system from him and sold them (for much less), and…it worked.
    the best thing to do if you feel the need to quit, is get rid of the thing that you are addicted to and make it impossible to access again…and do it before you change your mind.

  16. I will never choose WoW over anyone, but it has taken me away from all the drinking and womanizing I used to do. I’m a stockbroker and the game helps relieve my stress, something alcohol and women used to do. No more drunk driving or risky sexual behavior for me.

  17. well i think i wa addicted to thw world of warcraft once… but i knew how to stop this. however my friends are addicted to this game and i can’t stop them from playing it. maybe experts like u can help me … plz send me a msg on me e-mail telling what are the consequences of WOW so i can help them
    thank u

  18. well i think i wa addicted to thw world of warcraft once… but i knew how to stop this. however my friends are addicted to this game and i can’t stop them from playing it. maybe experts like u can help me … plz send me a msg on me e-mail telling what are the consequences of WOW so i can help them
    thank u

  19. well i think i wa addicted to thw world of warcraft once… but i knew how to stop this. however my friends are addicted to this game and i can’t stop them from playing it. maybe experts like u can help me … plz send me a msg on me e-mail telling what are the consequences of WOW so i can help them
    thank u

  20. i’m aready cying. i have only been married a year and i am very worried my husband and i are going to devorce over world of warcraft. when i ask him to play less or i get irritated because he told me he would be “off in a min” he never does. in fact he gets mad at me: i’m bugging him or i’m just bi#ching. i slept on the caoch last night becuse he told me to shut the f#ck up when i said flipently: so you will be of in a minute right.
    he plays when he gets up before work. and when he comes home it isn’t long before i hear the computer running. he will get off to eat dinner ( with a little perswation) and then he is either too tierd to play and goes to sleep or i go to bed with out him and he will play until 4:00 am. on his days off ; all he does is play 12, 14 hours doesn’t matter to him.

    we almost split up once before after he threw his mouse at me ( it hit my arm) and then claimed it was an accident. but the holes in the walls in the computer room say otherwise to me.

    so finally i got drunk and picked up his precious computer and threw it into the nearest wall. monitor and all.
    i wanted to know if he would choose world of warcraft or me. he diddn’t care that i was upset he some how fixed the computer and played all day. he said it was because he was mad at me! we fought for days before he agreed to play less.
    that was a lie. he played less for about a week.
    and now five mounths later- his wedding ring is on the counter and i don’t know what to do.

    i love my husband and i don’t want to loose him. inspite if all this he is a woumderful person. he goes to work, takes care of me, and sometimes does try to do things with me.
    but i can’t do this. i cry while he plays world of warcraft. last night i left. as i was walking out the door he said ( without looking away from the screen) where you goin? i stood in the door way for a minute to see if he would care enough to move, but he never does.

    i came back to make him dinner. because i almost feel selfish for being so upset about it. hes good to me and he works very hard all day six days a week. i sart to feel like he sould be able to play what ever game he wants.
    i have never told him to stop playing all together. i would not have a poblem with it if he only played for and hour or two. but he doesn’t do that.
    i’m afraid he does it to get away from me. i don’t think he loves me. or alest me than the game. i know that if i asked him to choose
    he would choose world of warcraft. and the worst part is that he does not think he is addicted.
    what do i do? no one has an answer?

  21. dear KC,

    i wish that my husband ( who is 37 and has never missed work because of wwc) would try to compramise with me in any way. he has given me enpty promises of playing less but then it only makes me angry when he doesn’t come through.

    i have never told my husband to stop playing all together. i almost don’t want him to. when i clean it’s nice to have him out of the way and i like to watch shows that he hates so it gives me time to do those things. 3 or 4 hours A DAY would be awesome. but that will never happen for me. i think K and i are in the same boat. last night was another night in the couch for me. the worst part is that he doesn’t seem to care.

    my point is yes you may be addicted, but everybody has something. my husband is also a smoker – but that is not why we don’t speak and more. your wife should be thankful. that or please have her tell us how she got you to only play for a few hours.

  22. To Bonnie –

    Get a freakin life, or a hobby and quit your whining.

  23. so yeah, my husband plays all the time…. the thing is he says ” i cant just play for 2 hours”…. cant???? why CANT you??? we have 3 small children and he has been out of a job since february, he has only been playing wow for a month, he begged me to let him play as a christmas present, so i gave in.. knowing full well what this would turn into, but i felt guilty not letting him do something i knew he would really want to do.. well sure enough, he plays every little secong he gets and if i need help with the kids its like its inconveinant because maybe hes in the middle of a quest…. SO STUPID!! ITS A GAME! this is real life, these are real children i am a real woman to touch with your real hands for goodness sake!… i wish he would understand that i don’t want him to stop playing, just play at better times, dont make me feel guilty for needing your help or even your company once in a while.. i hate feeling like im being a witch with a capitol b when i need him… anyway its a lost cause i fear. i can;t stand wow.

  24. Never demean anyone looking for help with a problem. If ever there was a good reason for the saying “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” this is it! Bonnie and others are obviosly upset and in need of friendly advice. She’s not whining and she has a life that she feels has been affected by her husband’s game play. I dont really have any good advice for her, but I’m sure not going to insult her for looking for some. PS: I play WOW,….. and I play too much…. sometimes.

  25. I play WoW a LOT, pretty much do nothing but that, most of my social life takes place on WoW sadly, lol, and yes, I guess I admit myself to be an WoW addict, I play (if I can) more than 12 hours a day, which many would consider to be a sad pathetic life, and the truth is, yes, we dont really seem to care when we get really into this game. I’ve honestly never played any game like it, its very easily addictive, if you have nothing else to do, and are bored at home. I sypathize with Bonnie and K for their husbands behavior, and if you love them, my advice is to get them help, let them know of their problem, tell them to be with you and spend more time with you. And yea, they will probably respond rudely, but you are their wives, you are the ones they married, and if not apparent, then deep inside they DO love you, and you, as their wives, should be able to find some way to get them help, because they definitely do need help. But thats all the advice I can give, because I’m only 17 years old, however I do have a girlfriend, who I would definitely quit WoW for anyday. I hope your marriages work out for the best.

    ~Athrigos AKA Deathhimself from Blackwater Raiders realm~

  26. You could say I’m addicted to WoW… and you could say I’m addicted to Cannabis.

    Truth is that life is shit… and both WoW AND cannabis make my life not only more pleasurable for me… but also the people around me, for I am happier because of the usage I have had from both.

    Addictions/Obsessions aren’t necessarily always a bad thing. Societies perception of “addictions” is the real problem here.

    Addiction… or Obsession. Either way, the only damage caused is solely down to the individuals method of coping with it. The Individual is responsible… not the addiction or the substance/activity.

  27. I have playes warcraft for over 7 years now. In this time i have reaches the highest standards that warcraft can provide including being one of the top 15 warcraft 3 frozen throne normal players and high warlord in WoW and just about to kill illidan in TBC. The topic in duscussion really fascinated me cause more and more people are portraying a picture that players of a game as addicted people. If you played warcraft at a high end you will know that there are actuall addicts of the game and there are good players and there are real good players. Just about all my friends are now completly addicted to WoW excepted a selected few, my personal view on WoW addiction is a symptom where a person is unable to think or speak about anything else for more then 10 mins before going back to the topic of WoW, I did suffer from this, i even said to my father once that you should lower your aggro when your main tanking. What i ment was that he was yelling too much on a not very important topic. That is addiction to WoW in my eyes. This is a very very small example. There are videos of a guy called athene, i wish of u all to watch that video, That is a addicted guy. All the comment i have read so far are all about comparing people and labeling people to be addicted or not addicted or is it even a addiction. Yes it is a addiction, Yes there is addiction of each and everything in this world. I dont remember the name of the guy but he was addicted to chess from a very early age, he became the world champion by beating the russian champion. In game there is no money involved at any level except the world class very high end level such as athene and Nihilium. The recent prize money announced was 200,000$ for the winner of a tournment of a event called arena. On the other side the good players have their life sorted out. I myself am studying my masters degree, workout regularly, have a girl friend, spend time with my faimly, go out, sleep 7-8 hours a day with ocassional naps, maybe make a few posts on forums etc and still find time to play warcraft 4 hours for raid and 1 hour for farming or dalies. Even then i bieleve that im addicted. Besides that a few of my friends quitted high school, have no girl friends, never talk to anyone in or out of the faimly except WoW players and eat inside their room only if its provided otherwise wont eat more then 1-2 meals a day with no snacks somtimes, holding back your urine for hours just so that you can win some event, somtimes not coming out for more then 4-5 months. One person got divorced, fired from job cause of WoW and he dosnt gives a dam about it, he is over 50 Y.O has a son and daughter of which son is also addicted. There was a interview on Tv where a guy missed his wife’s labor because it was his raid time. Thats addiction. Of course they achieved REALLY high status and respect cause of this but in the end of the day it is only eletrical signals in which u try to modify stuff.

    There are people addicted as i mentioned name earlier and there are people who play WoW instead of reading a book or watching a movie or going for a party. So the point being is that focusing each and every gamer or good players or real good players wont help you. The actual addicts are only recognizable through ammount of time and concentration put into the game and if it is involving with ur whole life or is just is a part of ur life.

    Lastly i am not defending game addiction neither am i saying that games are bad, but pointing out the different types of players. Attacking gamers or addicts by labeling them is just like putting wood in a bonfire, they dont give a dam about anything else, neither can they see the actual reality of it all. So please, stop mass posting and start doing what need to be done which is to create a ceiling for game and distractions for everyone, yes even mature people can easily be addicted to it. And yes it can be worse then drugs or as pleasurefull as music.

  28. I didnt wanted to give out names in my last post because these people are my friends and dont wish to hurt their feelings from anything i said, hope you all understand. If you have questions about anything, dont hesitate to mail me.

  29. There’s no reason for anyone to pick an electronical game overanything else, i play WoW, but i dont understand how people can play it so much and so long, i have two lvl 70s both pretty geared and im in a high up guild, i have a girlfriend, i workout everday,i have great grades, all it takes is time management, do the things that are really important, pick a time in the day to play for a couple of hours, then get off..its not hard…ive been doing it for 2 years

  30. Was telling the other side of the mirror. Its all about WoW fantasies that fit too perfectly with real life, e.g hearthstone, being dominant cause of better things that u own, etc etc

  31. I disagree, my dad is on for hours at a time he puts aside his daughter and other really important things.. :@

  32. It seems to me that the only people who don’t see a problem with world of warcraft and too much game time are the players themselves!! It is unhealthy to spend hours in front of a computer!! Furthermore if you have children or a spouse at home you should be putting that effort into them and not a computer game which you will get nothing from!!!!

  33. Ok – just look at related articles. Addiction to email? addicted to txting? Read some Marshal Macluhan. We are all eating too much mental junkfood. We are entertaining ourselves to death. I play wow but not 5 hours a day. If I were on the other side of that there would be pain and mistrust. But also look at the interests we pursue – reality/soap TV? eating (unhealthily)? drinkning? smoking? reading trash novels? how about addiction to cleaning? is ocd any less healthy than wow addiction? In my opinion, I could use more time to focus on self-enriching, self-actualizing activities. Reading good books, exercise, watching documentaries, learning new skills or crafts, making love.
    I still need my mcdonalds though! Just not as much of it.

  34. there is one simple way to get out of wow but may be hard for the addicted.
    delete all characters and deactivate your account. all at once.
    after you do that you wont have anything to go back to.

    for many players that instead of socialize in real life they prefer to socialize in a fantasy world that will not affect the real life in any good way – its addiction. unfortunately there are at least 1 million wow players like that. in all ages.

    addiction to games exist. video games may improve some skills like coordination but its a VERY unhealthy activity when a person do it for long period of time.

    its true that some people can addicted to something faster than other but it doesnt mean you cant be addicted aswell. if you play a game for 6 hours a day its unhealthy. 6 hours a day is also alot.

    people get divorced because of wow overplaying but its wrong, these days too many couples get divorced on every little problem. dont let it get to you. if the problem in the marriage is only addiction to games then try to solve it instead of divorce.

  35. I am the gamer in our marriage and my husband is not a fan of any type of computer game. Why does a married, employed woman work you might ask … my husband has a profession that takes him away from home for days at a time. I started playing to fill some of the empty hours as I have no family in the area and my co-workers idea of having fun is going to the bars. I only game when my husband is gone for an extended time and even then I make sure to use an egg timer as any type of activity can magically make time just disappear.

  36. My brother in law is 45 years old and has been living with us for 9 months. He hasn’t had a job in over a year. He is addicted to WOW. He didn’t leave the house for 5 months except to smoke. He eats all meals in his room with the computer. He has lied to us about job interviews and he will not do anything to help around the house. He won’t take the time to clean his cat’s litter box. We had the internet turned off and he sold his camera and had it turned back on. When we ask how he’s paying for WOW, he says he plays for free. Is that possible??? We’ve have tried to kick him out of our house. When he was supposed to be packing to leave and looking for a job, he is playing WOW instead. He finds every excuse to make my husband feel sorry for him and let him stay.I have had enough. He won’t work. He won’t leave and the lies are neverending.

    He is divorced and I believe WOW is why. He really needs to get a life. I have found an apartment and I’m moving out of my house because we can’t get him to go and it’s hard to live in a house with a person who lies about everything and will say anything in order to continue to play WOW. My husband, his brother is a good person and is having a hard time kicking his brother out of our house without a job or a place to live.

    He’s lived at our house rent free for 9 months. We have paid for all his food and his cigarettes. He doesn’t contribute anything to our household. THE MAN IS ADDICTED TO WOW AND I’M GETTING LEAVING.

  37. My brother return to our parents house after 14 years living in the US, broke, addicted to WOW and
    behaving like a child, most of the times. He acts as if he is a drug addict. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything else, except for his little game.

    He smokes one cigarette after an another, cause he must play and type all the time and he can’t get enough nicotine in his system. He doesn’t bother to extinguish them properly, and they continue to burn in the astray. When you ask him to be mindful, he just doesn’t reply. There’s no time to waste in WOW, and now the whole house smells like burned rubber.

    My mother is old, and rapidly she began to have breathing problems. When I told him that he has to smoke in the balcony, he said: “That is out of the question”. And then he takes a plate of food in front of the PC, and he eats while playing.

    I could go on forever… I realize now that this game can ruin homes easily. Of course, it’s not the game itself, but the people.

    The game does its job, being restrictive enough so it makes you wanna have more of it, and keep playing – and keep paying forever. It is an impressive money cow. I’m sitting beside my brother studying it, observing the behavior of the players.

    It gets you so much, that it is SCARY.

    Although the physics and the fighting system of it look childish, by today’s standards or by any standards…

    It grabs the weakest of the adults, and never lets go.

    I don’t know what it does to children.

    I am really sorry…

  38. 40 Percent?

    Is that all, to be honest I swear it was atleast 70 – 80 percent. But that could of changed over the years.

    I was addicted to this game for a year, I know because; everyday at school, all I would think and talk about is WoW. I would come home and play it for over 10 hours each day, Weekends literally 14+ hours, on Average. I noticed my school work dropped dramatically, Except my Art?

    Personally, I kept going back because, not only is it entertainment, it’s like watching some kind of CSI show, they suck you in whether you want it or not. Also you find that making friends on games will keep you playing for hours longer, even if your just sitting and chatting to them. It makes you feel like you have no worry’s, just get to the next level, forget about life, escape from the corrupt society. It really does help, yet at the same time it ruins.

    Lucky that year is over, I managed to get out of it!

    (BTW, this was two years ago. I was about 13-14 years old)

  39. Just wake up most of you. If people are getting so much addicted from a computer game then you should excpect worst things in near future.

  40. I quit playing wow been a year but I think about playing it again. I miss it.

    I stop playing cause I’m studying again. And I feel good about it. Doing something more useful than playing the whole day.

    Problem is that now I’m a bit stressed. It seems
    I’m addicted to study or work now (or watch movies/series like heroes), but maybe that’s not an addiction, it’s just plain real sucking life.

    I might try relaxing playing wow again some day, but I’m afraid I’ll stop doing other more important things, like programming, studying and earn my own money. (I feel bad for being 30 y old and still not being financially independent).

    If only we had longer days. There is so much to do, and not enough time :(

  41. Both my boyfriend, my mother, and I play world of warcraft. My boyfriend is in college and lives 1000 miles away, I am in college, and my mother is a stay at home mom. I DO spend a lot of time on the game myself. Recently it has calmed down. Once I got my character to 80 and geared up for the end game raids I pretty much only log in for raids now. While I spend about 4-5 hours on the game daily, I still find the time to: 1) Go to class, 2) Do my homework, 3) Go to the gym, 4) Spend time with my family, 4) Watch movies, read, and do artwork, 5) Shower and eat.

    Like people have stated before. The game itself is not the problem. When a person can’t realize that their family or life is more important than the game, then there is a real problem. I don’t think it’s fair to make someone quit the game completely just because it is taken up some time, but I do agree from the above posters that your family comes first before a game and it is sad that someone would just let that slip away…

    Sadly (or not) most of my friends are either online, or if offline they are busy with their own lives (getting married, college, etc) or have just started doing stuff that I find completely boring (Such as going out to clubs, drinking, driving around aimlessly, other typical college student “enrichment” activities, etc…). As for the game, it has saved me a lot of money as it only costs $15 a month while a regular video game costs about $40-$60. lol

    I know this article was posted a long time ago, but good luck to any of these families who are suffering from an addiction in the family. The only real advice I can give is to either try out the game yourself or tell them that you love them and miss them… Good luck.

  42. Like people have stated before. The game itself is not the problem. When a person can’t realize that their family or life is more important than the game, then there is a real problem. I don’t think it’s fair to make someone quit the game completely just because it is taken up some time, but I do agree from the above posters that your family comes first before a game and it is sad that someone would just let that slip away…

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  43. I only just got the game and I can see right away that it will soul-destroy me lol. As far as computer games goes it has everything. So its the best of its kind in creating addiction. Some players (like those above) say they can enjoy WoW AND live normal/social lives. Whereas others seem to be hopelessly involved to the extent that they become violent and shun their family.
    I’ve spent hours playing computer games with my brother since we were very young. Which I know contributed to our semi-obsession to date. Although, my sisters (I have 3) spend just as much time watching TV or reading trash mags etc. Games in themselves are just a way to burn time until something in life happens to you. Especially when your young. Haha how’s that for a life mantra.
    In my opinion WoW and computer games are absolutely harmful. There’s no justification to the hours lost. It is comforting, interesting and relaxing to play. But what’s lacking in life shouldnt be fulfilled through games. This is what most gamers secretly realise – even if we pretend otherwise
    The mere fact that your reading this means you’re worried either about yourself or someone close to you. So it follows that those who play WoW are looking for a way to legitimise this waste.
    It IS only a waste though.
    As for the benefits of gaming – its made me more interested in history and music. But on the flip side you can tell it dampens ambition and motivation. In realising this however, it has helped me get to where I am – so there’s that at least.
    Anyway thats my take, my experience will differ from someone elses.
    For all the relationships under threat because of WoW, I think the only way is to go to Blizzard HQ and shut down their servers :/

  44. My fiance has a 16 year old son that has been playing WOW since at least the age of 11. He has always been somewhat reclusive and unmotivated about anything except the game. He has a very somber depressed personality and when angered because he can’t have his way he threatens and provokes his parents. At the age of 12 he was making threats to burn down the house or hit his parents with a baseball bat. Now at the age of 16 it has progressed to pulling a knife on his Mother and threatening to kill her as well as making threats to kill his father. This comes after both have finally (much too late) decided to remove the computer from his mother’s home where he lives. He misses school and is late constantly because of lack of sleep and no motivation. I beleive he is addicted to the game as it is destroying his life in all areas as well as creating so many problems for the people who love him just as alcoholism does. The game has consumed him just as alcohol consumes the alcoholic. His parents are devastated and don’t know what to do now. They are seeing a counselor but I don’t think this is being treated like anything more than typical difficult teenage behaviour. This boy is not living in reality and when faced with reality he can’t cope. When he is in the game world, he feels like he is in control.
    I am curious if there are any recovery groups for teens that have been consumed by this game and need to get back on track with reality. ??



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