How to Have a Happier Relationship without Couples Therapy

It takes effort.

The search for happiness is a popular psychology topic and the consensus of several gurus has been that we humans are wired to be most content when our lives are focused on love and work. Love can mean all forms of intimate social interaction, and work can mean any regular organized effort toward a valued goal.

One promising way to maximize happiness is to strive, together, toward the valued goal of improving the most intimate relationship in your life. Learning how to make one another happy can be seen as a valued goal for anyone in relationships.
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5 Fun Tricks to Bring Excitement Back to Everyday Life

Happiness is not a destination you reach; it's a mindset you embrace, right now...today!

If you're like most people, you think happiness is a destination -- and that, of course, YOU have a one-way ticket there.

You might also believe that happiness comes with having everything you want. But thinking this way can really mislead us and results in us looking for happiness in all the wrong places while comparing ourselves against impossible ideals.

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7 Healthy, Beneficial Reasons to Let Loose and Cry

Sometimes a good cry is the best thing EVER!

"Unhappiness can't stick in a person's soul when it's slick with tears." - Shannon Hale, Princess Academy

Ever feel so stressed out, so overwhelmed, or so mad at your partner (or at life) that you just wanted to cry?

Of course you have! We all have! But unfortunately, most of us don't let ourselves actually cry in those moments.

There's a good chance that no matter how horrible you're feeling, you probably don't often succumb to that lump in your throat. Instead you find yourself hoping the moment -- and those uncomfortable feelings -- just pass on their own. (Just focus on "positive thoughts" and happiness, right?)
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My Public Apology to Everyone Hurt by Alcoholics Like Me

I'm deeply ashamed about these things I did.

Just a couple of short weeks ago, I celebrated being clean and sober for 31 years. Yes, it's been a long time, which can make it very easy to dissociate with the addiction-riddled man I was all those years ago.

Don't get me wrong, that's not entirely a bad thing. I don't want to live in the constant memory of who I was then and the things I did in my addicted years. I got sober to save my life, and I stay sober to have a life. My present is very good, so I don't live in the past.

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Marriage and Divorce

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Identity in a Relationship

Don't be a better half. Be a whole person.

We spend most of our lives trying to figure out who we are and building our identities. It’s no wonder one of the biggest fears among singles is that they’ll lose themselves once they're in a relationship.

Turns out the fears are somewhat warranted: A recent study from the University of Liverpool in the U.K. found that of the men and women who had entered into a married or cohabiting relationship for the first time during the study, many noted they experienced a loss of their single identities, specifically after moving in with their partners.

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How to Be Present in the Moment (and Why It’s SO Important)

A new study says we're not mentally present for almost HALF our lives.

We’ve all had times like this: Our kid comes up to us, asks a question. We're not paying attention, but out of parental guilt and/or irritation we say, “Yes,” not having a clue what we just agreed to. Next minute we look outside and see him running butt-naked through the sprinkler.

Or, maybe that's just my experience, but you get the point. We have moments throughout our day when our minds are not focused on the important stuff, like our families.
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Fears of Starting a Family When You Suffer from Depression

How do you manage depression when SSRIs and other medications are not an option?

I try to divorce Michael at least once a month. I blame this on my PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or what I like to call "PMS on crack"), though I've also been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety and, once, a psychopharmacologist told me I had obvious bipolar tendencies. Either way, I'm not the easiest person to live with (as if you didn't already feel bad enough for my husband, due to my sexual
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