5 Ways Unhealthy Couples Use Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful social tool that keeps us connected with friends and family in our busy daily lives. But used in the wrong way, it can become a liability in both our lives and our relationships. Here are five ways that unhealthy couples use Facebook.

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these ways, you may want to re-evaluate your use of Facebook. Cutting back on using it may benefit not only your own feelings of self-esteem but also your romantic relationship.

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Brain and Behavior

Lumosity Pays Millions in Fines, ‘Deceived Consumers’

I haven't seen a Lumosity television commercial for awhile. I wondered why that was, and now I know.

As I pointed out nearly four years ago, Lumosity was apparently selling the equivalent of snake oil to unsuspecting folks. The company simply didn't have the research to back up its grand claims -- "improve [your] brain health and performance" -- from the company's inception through early 2015.

The U.S. federal government's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finally caught on to the scam, announcing an enormous settlement with the company yesterday.

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3 New Year’s Resolutions You’re Going to Break — and How to Plan for Success Instead

The first days of the new year are always the same. You start off strong, a long list of resolutions planned, ready to conquer your career goals. And you do -- for a week, maybe two, or even a few months if you’re on a roll.

Then, something throws you off track. The culprit may be a seemingly insignificant workplace annoyance, but it has the power to affect your motivation in a big way.

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Nomophobia & Smartphone Addiction Among Children

The term “addiction” is usually associated with alcoholism and drug abuse. Yet people do get addicted to different stimulants that are quite legal substances.

Smartphones changed our primary concept of a cell phone. It is no longer used strictly to establish audio communication. Smartphones allow us to have our camera, GPS navigator, video game terminal, and even our own library in hand. Nevertheless, the biggest and most important aspect is that a smartphone gives us access to the Internet.

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Children and Teens

The Psychology of Smartphones and Texting

Our communication habits are changing faster than in any other period throughout history. More than 80 percent of American 18- to 34-year-olds prefer nonverbal communication mediums in daily life. We are witnessing not only the demise of the landline phone, but possibly also the end of the phone call itself. In my new book Texting in Sick: How Smartphones, Texting, and Social Media are Changing Our Relationships, I’m documenting the factors behind these massive changes as well as their social implications.

Most people are probably unaware that text messaging, when it was first conceived, was not intended for person-to-person use. When SMS saw the light of day back in 1993, its original purpose was to allow operators to send concise service updates to their subscribers. However, as it often happens with technology, unique social uses emerge when in the hands of users. That became true for SMS as well.
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Brain and Behavior

Workplace Environment Affects Mental Health

The workplace environment you spend 40 or 50 hours in per week has a very real and substantial impact on your mental health, according to multiple studies and expert opinions from psychologists all around the world.

According to a 2011 research study on how workplace design contributes to mental health and well-being, the average person spends 33 percent of their waking time in their workplace on a weekly basis. As such, the physical workplace environment has a major impact on everything from happiness and mood to productivity and focus. The study concludes that “good working conditions enable employees to work effectively” and that “investments in the physical workplace that create those conditions pay back quickly.”

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Anxiety and Panic

How to Get Out of a Work Rut or Career Slump

Have you ever had a day when things felt off? Maybe you continually lost focus, had an utter lack of motivation, or simply couldn’t rally to get anything done. We’ve all had unproductive days here and there, but occasionally, these slumps can span days, weeks, or even months.

A single bad day is one thing, but a lingering work rut can be detrimental to your happiness, well-being, and career. When you’re in a slump, you don’t produce your best work and may become disengaged from the tasks that used to excite you.
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Resisting Reaching for the Smartphone Temptation This Holiday Season

When you're gathering with your family or friends this holiday season, I suggest you try something unthinkable: don't take your smartphone out or check it.

I know... It's a crazy idea. But it's one that'll help remind us of something that's really important -- being in the moment with the human beings that are physically present with you.

Why should you keep your phone in your pocket or purse?

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Social Media, Anxiety, and the Highly Sensitive Me

I have had a love/hate relationship with social media since the craze began.

I see those obnoxious graphics proudly boasting the fact that you are a rhymes-with-witch all over social media. Seriously, why is this okay and generally accepted behavior? I hope you’re simply confused about the definition of the word. Perhaps you engage in healthy assertiveness, not general nastiness. Sorry, but I wouldn’t be willing to "handle" you or anyone. Why would I? Why would anyone?

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5 Books Guaranteed to Unlock Your Creative Genius

Why does it seem like some people can effortlessly “follow their passions”, while others can’t? What’s the secret of successful entrepreneurs and creatives who live out their dreams of dedicating their careers to inspiring, meaningful work? Why do the rest of us feel stuck in an unfulfilling funk?

Not everyone can follow their passion and make money from it. Not everyone can work on a personal project or business that lights you up and makes everyday feel like retirement. Or can you?

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How Internet Addiction Almost Ruined My Life

Is my life that attached to the Internet, or was I using it as an escape from life altogether?

It was nearly a decade ago that I transitioned into a career that involved working almost entirely in the digital space, and social media began to take over my life.

Since basically forever, the online world always held a certain siren's call. ICQ and LiveJournal, IRC and Friendster. I illustrated my mood via cryptic AIM status messages, and exhibited deep feelings of hurt when I'd put someone important to me in my MySpace Top 8 and they didn't do the same for me.
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Patience Required

Several years ago, when ordering a fish sandwich in a fast food joint, I was told it would take a while. “How long?” I inquired. “About a minute.”

A minute. I have to wait a whole minute! I don’t know if I can handle that!

Nowadays, requests for patience have shrunk to “wait a second!” And quite often, the answer is, “No, that’s too long!”

Think I’m kidding? How many times have you surfed the Web, clicking on another site if the download didn’t happen immediately? How many times have you skimmed your emails, deciding what to delete in less than a second?
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