How to Take Work Home (The Healthy Way)

Let’s face it: The traditional 9-to-5 work lifestyle is long gone.

For many of us, it’s not unusual to stay at the office until 7 or 8, or to burn the midnight oil working on a freelance gig, startup idea, or extra project to get ahead at work.

Even if your company promotes a healthy work-life balance, your workload may get out-of-control at some point and you’ll simply need to bring work home in the evenings or over the weekend.

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Brain and Behavior

3 Negative Thoughts Holding You Back from Negotiation Success

If you’ve successfully started your own business, decided to go freelance, or work at a startup, you’re used to rolling up your sleeves, working hard, and doing whatever it takes to get things done.
But when it comes to negotiating, do you still freeze up or freak out?
If you find it hard to approach investors, raise your rates, or talk about money and contracts in any way -- you’re not alone.
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Ethics & Morality

American Psychological Association’s New Torture Policy is Unenforceable

In a resolution that only people who love the intricacies of governance could appreciate, the American Psychological Association's (APA) Council of Representatives voted on August 7 to institute a new policy for the organization. Namely, that APA psychologist members can no longer engage in enhanced interrogation techniques, or in any way be a part of them as a consultant or otherwise. (The new policy is the result of the Council of Representatives Resolution 23B (PDF).)

And while it made for some great headlines in the newspapers and on countless professional mailing lists, one important fact flew under the radar -- the new policy is completely, 100 percent unenforceable. Today, no psychologist can be removed from the APA for violating this policy.

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Creativity for Better Performance

A long term-patient told a fascinating story a couple of weeks ago which points to the power of creativity in strengthening critical thinking. The person’s identity is well-disguised so no confidentiality is breached.

For several years I have been treating a young man (we’ll refer to him as Collin) with psychostimulants for chronic ADD and psychotherapy to address his perfectionism. We’re also working on finding a work environment conducive to combining his entrepreneurial proclivities and his considerable technological savvy. (He taught himself to code a complicated computer program that would benefit his industry.)

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Ethics & Morality

American Psychological Association’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

This has been a rough week for the staff and leadership at the American Psychological Association (APA). After sitting on the Hoffman Report for nearly a week, they faced a major New York Times story because someone (ethically) leaked it to the newspaper. Rather than getting in front of the story and discussing the report before the media got a hold of it, they again demonstrated the lack of leadership the organization has suffered from for years.

And that was just the beginning of the week for the once stalwart professional organization representing many psychologists in the United States. Although the independent inquiry into the governance and ethical practices of the APA named dozens of high-level APA staffers and elected leaders, the APA reacted with a resounding thud -- "letting go" just one person named in the report in the first week the organization had the report.

To date, the APA still hasn't responded to important questions regarding the findings of the inquiry. The fire is only going to get hotter as the APA's silence speaks volumes.

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Ethics & Morality

APA Has Lost 10,000+ Members in Less Than 6 Years

Perhaps due to the ethical quandaries that the American Psychological Association (APA) appears to be continuously facing nowadays, the professional organization that represents psychologists in the United States appears to be hemorrhaging regular bread-and-butter members.

At the height of its membership in 2008, the APA counted 92,322 members (8,318 of which were associate members -- members who have no voting rights in the organization). In 2013, the last year which the APA makes membership statistics available, they had only 82,153 members. That's a drop of 10,169 members in just 6 years -- a loss of about 11 percent of its membership.

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Ethics & Morality

The Hoffman Report: After Years of Lies, Who Holds the APA Accountable?

After years of lying to its members, the public, and other professionals, the American Psychological Association (APA) finds itself in the awkward position of being a professional organization that no longer has a moral or ethical leg to stand on.

According to a new report by independent investigator David Hoffman, not only did individual APA members lie and cover up their extensive involvement with post-9/11 torture. But on behalf of these members, the entire APA organizational structure colluded to keep these lies going.

And not just a decade or more ago. No, the lies and justifications for the lies continued right up until last year. After a book critical of APA's stance on torture was published last year (Risen, 2014), did the APA suggest the book had merit? Nope, instead the APA kept making excuses, discrediting the author and the book saying it was "largely based on innuendo and one-sided reporting" and "a thorough review of these public materials and our standing policies will clearly demonstrate that APA will not tolerate psychologist participation in torture."

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5 Foolproof Tips to Overcome Procrastination

If you’re like me, you have a growing to-do list filled with big ideas to accomplish. Yet day after day, life gets in the way and our passion project falls by the wayside.

We make excuses like “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’m not in the mindset right now”, waiting for the perfect moment of inspiration to suddenly strike. The funny thing is that “perfect moment” doesn’t actually exist.
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14 Powerful Questions to Find Happiness Workbook

What’s the first question exchanged when we meet someone new? You guessed it: “So… What do you do?”

In our culture, what you do for a living is inextricably tied to society’s perception of your worth. A stable job with a good salary is highly regarded, but we often look less lovingly upon the self-trained artist or entrepreneur who gives blood, sweat, and tears to make their vision possible.

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5 Books to Help You Deal with Work Drama

If you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of office drama, you know a toxic work environment and company politics can be instant energy drainers.

Perhaps the tension in your workplace takes the form of a gossip-mongering co-worker, a bullying boss who flies into a rage when you’re two minutes late to a meeting, or a conniving colleague who’s all about power plays and office politics.
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Use This Emotions Table to Describe Exactly How You Feel

Have you ever asked a significant other about how his or her day went and received a frustratingly vague "fine" in return as a response? This leaves you not only in the dark about the details of his or her day, but also stuck behind an emotional wall, struggling to get in.

The truth is, it’s difficult for many of us to communicate -- to truly, authentically share and articulate -- how we feel. Having been misunderstood in the past, it’s also no wonder why many of us struggle to feel comfortable sharing our feelings with others.
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