Anxiety and Panic

5 Reasons Your Fear of Change is a Waste of Time

Change is anxiety-provoking and exciting all at the same time. We get anxious about the unknown and how change may affect our lives. On the other hand, we get excited about what the future might bring.

Living in a society in which change is revered doesn’t help. We are told to be “change agents” and expected to be constantly looking for novel approaches to ideas. Unfortunately, those more hesitant about change can often feel left behind.

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Brain and Behavior

Using Imagery to Find Peace After a Breakup

Letting go of relationships is a process. I recently ended one. I cognitively understood the relationship would not work, but the subsequent feelings of loss and pain were still there. To create a healthy distance from my partner, I utilized imagery. I found it to be a powerful tool to create the healthy lifestyle I wanted to live and be my authentic self.

My partner was frequently away on business and personal trips. It was difficult to keep in touch when he traveled so I became accustomed to lengthy silences. To create even more distance I began to imagine the “tie that binds” as a rope engulfing each of us. Across the miles, we were tethered to each other with this imaginary rope.

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Let Your Childhood Dreams Help You Live an Intentional Life

Chances are, you were on to something about yourself then.

Do you remember taking a careers class when you were a kid? You know, the class that got you thinking about your future employment?

I remember it. It was way back in 9th grade at Penndale Junior High.

I remember wanting to be a commercial artist back then. I was fascinated by typography and calligraphy, and, at the time, that was the only thing I could think of that would bring me happiness and capitalize on those interests.
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Seeing More Clearly After Trauma and Denial

Have you ever been surprised by watching a movie or television show a decade after you first watched it and saw it in a whole new light? You’re older, you’re in a different place and so the experience of watching that film or show again is different. Different emotions come up, you identify with different characters and notice brand new things in the narrative making it a truly novel experience. It’s like you’re seeing the movie or show for the first time.

If you’re the victim of abuse, seeing an old movie or show can actually be a trigger to those old emotions, and all that emotional pain can come flooding back. But once you begin healing those wounds, the trigger disappears and you begin to see things with new eyes.
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What Bipolar Mania Really Feels Like: A First-Hand Account

After just a few weeks in Tom Wootton’s Bipolar IN Order course over at Bipolar Advantage, I have already learned so much. One important lesson I’ve realized is the difference between bipolar behaviors, which is what you see, and bipolar symptoms, which is what we experience and feel.

Let's take a look at some of the symptoms of mania as I experience them. You may be surprised at how complex they really are.

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The Positive Perspective: Replacing ‘Despite’ with ‘Because’

People often ask me, “How do you do your research?”

I’m a kind of street scientist. I don’t have a lab full of undergrads eating marshmallows to study; I rely on my own observations.

Really, I feel more like Samuel Johnson or William Hazlitt or George Orwell, in the way that I analyze human nature. I love reading the science, and I think about the science all the time, but in the end, I pay the most attention to what I see around me. And what I read -- not just science, but memoirs, biographies, novels.
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Mindful Parenting in a Cyclone

Birds that survive cyclones fly right into the heart of it. The energy of it lifts them above the turmoil.

My teacher at meditation class recently was talking about our human tendency to get caught up in a cyclone of thought, of suffering and of wanting things to be something other than the way they are. Our minds want something to chew on and it is so seductive, so culturally reinforced, that we get sucked into the cyclone and lose our peace and equanimity.

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6 Ways to Unplug and De-Stress

Stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation and overwhelm are so deeply woven into our lives these days that we regularly seek ways to decompress. On the surface, this looks like a great remedy to balance the madness and the desire for peace in our lives. If we dig deeper, we’ll find that a slight shift in lifestyle will create the space our mind and body need without oscillating between burned out and chilled out.

Below are six simple ways to unplug.

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Children and Teens

Relaxation, Self-Care and Modeling

It’s time to pick up the kids from daycare, start dinner and get a load of laundry going. Is your blood pressure rising? Among the to-dos of the day, is there time penciled in for self-care? Are you a priority in your own life? Does your to-do list include time to just be?

It’s important to make time not only for our own self-care but realize we are also modeling relaxation and self-care to our children. Is there time to play on the swingset in the park, color, or take a walk? With our schedules packed and our iPhones on hand, are we modeling for our children and family the life we want our children to lead?

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Choosing Not to Get Upset

We often assume that our emotional responses are dictated by the situation. When we experience an upsetting event, we believe that we have no choice except to react to it. Any other response seems unnatural, or even impossible. But is it?

Sometimes we can choose not to get upset by a situation that normally would have upset us. To succeed, we must think through the situation, recognize that we have a choice, consider the consequences of our response, and then be deliberate about our reaction.

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