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5 Tools and Tips for Navigating Stress When You’re Depressed

Not surprisingly, stress can have damaging effects on depression. That is, “stress hormones like cortisol can exacerbate the effects of an existing depression. Or if we're not currently depressed, we can become more vulnerable to a future episode,” said Lee Coleman, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist and assistant director and director of training at the California Institute of Technology’s student counseling center.

Depression also comes with its own stressors. We might become self-critical because we aren’t able to function normally, he said. (And because depression sinks our self-esteem and fuels our inner critic.)
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Connecting to Your Body to Cope with ADHD

Adults with ADHD commonly have an uncomfortable or combative relationship with their bodies. According to psychiatrist Lidia Zylowska, MD, in her book The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD, adults with hyperactivity might get frustrated with their restlessness. Adults with inattention might get frustrated with their sinking energy. Many adults with ADHD also neglect their basic needs, such as eating and getting enough sleep.

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Brain and Behavior

How to Stop Creating Problems for Yourself

"If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family." -- Ram Dass
I just returned from a four-day trip with my family. It was my own family of four (my husband and two kids), plus my mom, my two sisters, and my brother-in-law. It was great. We get along well and have fun together. And, it was four days with family.

It’s a funny thing… although you grow up with your siblings, listening to and being influenced by your parents, you all end up so unique -- different from each other and different from the adults who raised you.
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The Art of Receiving: What It Takes to Let in Good Stuff

We’re taught that giving is superior to receiving. Valuing giving is a helpful corrective to human narcissism. Seeing what others need to be happy is a beautiful act of kindness, which also fulfills us as nothing else can.

But receiving is an equally noble endeavor. When someone extends their attention and caring toward us, how deeply do we let it in? Can we allow ourselves to be nourished by another’s act of kindness? Receiving deeply not only nurtures us, but it also honors the giver. It makes them feel that they made a difference in our life.

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Anxiety and Panic

An Overthinker’s Nightmare

A few years ago I remodeled my kitchen. Having to make that many decisions is an overthinker’s nightmare. If you’ve ever remodeled, you know that it’s one decision after another -- fixtures, appliances, countertops, paint. Do you even know how many models of faucets are made?

People who overthink feel like their brains won't turn off. They are constantly questioning, second-guessing, and evaluating to the extent that they create analysis paralysis, or the inability to make decisions.

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Anxiety and Panic

How to Take the Edge off Stress

Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work and you badly need to unwind, de-stress, and get back into your zone. What options do you have to help you get there?

Perhaps you make a beeline to your computer or TV. Let your brain relax and veg out as you watch a favorite show, surf Facebook, and check out your favorite sites. Maybe you have a glass of wine. Perhaps you get yourself to a nearby yoga class or gym. Maybe you even get a massage or take a nice long walk in the crisp evening air.

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Anxiety and Panic

Psychology Around the Net: September 12, 2015

Happy Saturday, Psych Central readers!

We hope everyone made it through the week in one piece after the three-day Labor Day weekend! It's back to the grind now, and we've got the latest on boosting creativity, the country's current shortage of psychiatrists, new mothers and smoking relapse, and more in this week's Psychology Around the Net.


8 Psychology Hacks to Increase Your Creativity and Productivity: Learn to challenge yourself, practice mindfulness, and more if you want a creative and productive boost.

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9 Simple Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Research shows it's possible for both our bodies and our minds to age well. Try incorporating a few of the tips below to keep your brain sharp and strong well into your golden years.

Write a thank-you letter.
Research shows that writing with a pen on paper can create and sharpen existing neural pathways in the brain, while carving new neuronal connections. The hippocampus, which is responsible for memory formation, and stories of memories also is exercised. Research proves every day that cultivating and expressing gratitudecan make you healthier and happier.
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How to Be Present in the Moment (and Why It’s SO Important)

A new study says we're not mentally present for almost HALF our lives.

We’ve all had times like this: Our kid comes up to us, asks a question. We're not paying attention, but out of parental guilt and/or irritation we say, “Yes,” not having a clue what we just agreed to. Next minute we look outside and see him running butt-naked through the sprinkler.

Or, maybe that's just my experience, but you get the point. We have moments throughout our day when our minds are not focused on the important stuff, like our families.
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