Psychology Around the Net: August 15, 2015

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This week's Psychology Around the Net covers information about mood disorders and heart disease, helpful tips for pursuing happiness, a new study for preventing schizophrenia, and more.

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Teens With Depression, Bipolar Disorder Should Be Screened For Heart Disease, Experts Say: There's much evidence suggesting heart disease and depression are interlinked in older adults, but now the American Heart Association has stated teens with mood disorders might be at an increased risk for heart disease, too.

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Psychology Around the Net: August 8, 2015

Happy Saturday, Psych Central readers!

This week's Psychology Around the Net covers everything from ways to beat anxiety at work to learning how you can stop denying yourself happiness -- and much more.

25 People Told Us What Relieves Their Anxiety at Work: Anxiety sufferers can agree the condition harms both our relationships with co-workers and our performance. Would any of these tips help you get a handle on your anxiety at work?

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Anxiety and Panic

Psychology Around the Net: July 25, 2015

Learn more about a new kind of electroconvulsive therapy, how to better help people with mental illness, some hidden truths about happiness and the workplace, and more in this week's Psychology Around the Net.

There's a New Treatment for Severe Depression -- With Fewer Side Effects: Although more research is necessary, current analysis of ultra-brief pulse right unilateral, or (RUL) ECT, "showed that ultra-brief stimulation significantly lessened the potential for the destruction of memories formed prior to ECT, reduced the difficulty of recalling and learning new information after ECT and was almost as effective as the standard ECT treatment."

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Psychology Around the Net: July 11, 2015

Catch up on the latest information about teens and antipsychotic medications, the possible therapeutic benefits of marijuana, how well certain "happiness" apps work, and more in this week's Psychology Around the Net.

Most Antipsychotic Drugs Prescribed to Teens Without Mental Health Diagnosis, Study Says: According to this study, prescribing antipsychotic medications to teens without a mental health diagnosis is on the rise.

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Psychology Around the Net: June 13, 2015

Learn about the summer version of seasonal affective disorder, how creative people might carry genes for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, the importance of proper nutrition regarding mental health, and more in this week's Psychology Around the Net.

Does Summer Make You Depressed? Although we often associate seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with the winter months, it actually affects some people during the summer months, with symptoms such as decreased appetites and insomnia.

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Anxiety and Panic

Psychology Around the Net: April 11, 2015

Learn more about changing mental health-related terms, the psychological factors that might lead to overeating, a new Medicaid and mental health law proposed by the Obama Administration, and more in this week's Psychology Around the Net.

Can We Replace Misleading Terms Like 'Mental Illness,' 'Patient,' and 'Schizophrenia': Find out why one Duke University professor feels these and other related terms can both "provide clarity" and "badly mislead."

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Anxiety and Panic

Are All Eyes on You? The Truman Show Delusion

My older brother suffers from schizophrenia and one of his recent positive symptoms included the Truman Show delusion, in which he believed people were covertly recording him, watching him when he was alone and broadcasting his actions to an unknown audience. The implications are extremely distressing. What was even more shocking to me was that this delusion isn’t uncommon.

While the "Truman Show delusion" doesn’t appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, research conducted on patients who have shared this belief suggests it has to do with the popularity of reality television shows. This is also an era of NSA surveillance and Edward Snowden. Googling "Am I being watched?" will easily turn up with conspiracy theories that are ready to confirm "You absolutely are."

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Schizophrenia: Labels Aren’t a Magic Bullet

A new report from the British Psychological Society challenges "the received wisdom" about psychosis and schizophrenia.

"Many people believe that schizophrenia is a frightening brain disease that makes people unpredictable and potentially violent, and can only be controlled by medication. However the UK has been at the forefront of research into the psychology of psychosis conducted over the last twenty years, and which reveals that this view is false," the British Psychological Society said in a release.

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Psychology Around the Net: March 21, 2015

Learn more about the stigma of mental illness, how to use your memory to make better connections, the rampant misuse of ADHD medications among college students, and more in this week's Psychology Around the Net!

Combating the Stigma of Mental Illness: When as many as "as many as 25 percent of adults and 40.3 percent of adolescents reported suffering an episode of mental illness within a 12-month period," why are we still stuck in a world filled with stigma?

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