Embracing Your Disease

When, exactly, did our society become so obsessed with sickness? I was just thinking of the many diseases and mental disorders we experience and talk about on a daily basis: Anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, skin disease, Parkinson’s,...
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Stigmatize Me, Fool

Depression. No one wants to talk about it. Yet it’s very common and affects so many people. “Shh. Don’t talk about that, Lauren. People will think you’re #8221; So there’s this thing called a chemical imbalance in the brain. Maybe you’ve heard about it?...
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Anxiety and Panic

Depression or Chronic Shame?

When a person has been resistant to every form of depression treatment, is it possible that their illness stems from a different place? In a recent New York Times article Hillary Jacobs Hendel, a psychotherapist, writes about a patient who experienced what she calls “chronic #8221; Hendel’s...
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