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Best of Our Blogs: September 9 , 2016

When we stumble, we can easily slide into despair. But life is always changing. When one season takes, another season is preparing us to receive.

In Let Your Life Speak, author Parker J. Palmer explains autumn this way:

“Autumn is a season of great beauty, but it is also a season of decline: the days grow shorter, the light is suffused, and summer’s abundance decays toward winter’s death. Faced...
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Best of Our Blogs: September 13, 2016

Many of us worry we’re not fulfilling our purpose or living a life of meaning. We chase it like gold at the end of the rainbow. But the secret can’t be found in anything external. The surprising truth is that we always knew. Life in the form of parents, teachers and other outside influencers just muddled our self-knowledge.

I love this passage by Parker J. Palmer in Let Your Life Speak: “We arrive in this...
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Best of Our Blogs: September 9, 2016

Autumn is here. While some anxiously await the cool respite from the summer heat, you are anxious about the upcoming fall and winter season and all that it brings. If thinking about the holidays is filling you with dread, there is something you can do to prepare.

Recently, I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons. In the episode entitled, “Dancing From the Heart,” Gilbert talks to a dancer named Penelope who continually uses the word “hard” to describe her future performance. The advice Paralympian, and author Amy Purdy gave was to soften into what was hard. That doesn’t mean things aren’t hard, but softening our perception gives us a chance to flow and let go instead of resist and react to life’s challenges.

If you catch yourself describing your situation as hard, try softening into it. It might help ease you into whatever you’re currently dealing with.
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Best of Our Blogs: August 26, 2016

"My guiding assumption was  'Something is fundamentally wrong with me,' and I struggled to control and fix what felt like a basically flawed self. I drove myself in academics, was a fervent political activist and devoted myself to a very full social life. I avoided pain (and created more) with an addition to food and a preoccupation with achievement. My pursuit of pleasure was sometimes wholesome-in nature, with friends-but also included an impulsive kind of thrill-seeking through recreational drugs, sex, and other adventures. In the eyes of the world, I was highly functional. Internally, I was anxious, driven, and often depressed. I didn't feel at peace with any part of my life." - Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha
When someone says something cruel, the pain of receiving that messages is equal to how true we think it is. If we know the statement is completely false, it's easier to let it go without taking it personally. However, if someone hits upon something we're vulnerable about, it feels like a throbbing wound.

For many of us who had troubled childhoods, we grow into adults who believe something's missing. Our external lives mirrors that. This is why criticism gets to us. It's why we sabotage our success or feel insanely jealous when someone achieves more than us. At the heart of it, we feel less than, not good enough, and unworthy.

If you've discovered your empty well, fill it with self-love, acceptance and kindness. You don't need to do something amazing to deserve love and happiness. You simply need to tune in to the wonderful person that's always been there. Our top posts this week will help remind you whether anxious, worn down and manipulated, you are perfectly imperfect as you are.
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Best of Our Blogs: August 23, 2016

Do you have a morning routine that starts your day on the right foot? Or are you stumbling from bed to the front door?

Well-known author and life coach Tony Robbins says his morning ritual consists of flooding himself with gratitude for ten-minutes. I start the day visualizing what I want most for the day whether it's simply to stay present or to practice courage.

When we're struggling with illness, it can easily feel like it's got our life in its hands. But we're more than our illness.

Try adopting your own routine and see if it can empower you to take charge of your destiny.

One way to start anew is to check out our most popular posts on sexual desires, narcissism and neediness. It may be the thing that boosts not just your day, but your life.
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Best of Our Blogs: August 19, 2016

I had an 11-year relationship end today. In a world of chaos, strife and discord, he was my calm center. If you have a beloved pet, then you know the pain of losing him or her.

It's not all cuteness and fur. They love us on our good and bad days. They remind us we're lovable when we feel like we're not enough. They help us stay present and soothe our worries and anxiety. My beloved bunny got me through several years of struggle. I'm sad and shocked that he's gone. But I'm also grateful we were able to have him as long as we did.

If you've recently lost a pet, I hope you'll find this article, this one and this one comforting to you.

If you're struggling with a human relationship, our top posts this week will tell you if it's time to end a relationship and how to cope with someone who is a narcissist. You'll also discover whether you're really experiencing an anxiety attack and if your childhood (even if it was a good one) is having a painful affect on you.
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Best of Our Blogs: August 16, 2016

Many students are heading back to school. Young or old, student or not, there's always something new we can learn. Many times we get stuck in old ways of thinking because we're too scared to change.

But monumental changes come from the simplest of steps. It takes a change in direction, perspective and attitude to cause a domino affect in society and the world.

How can you use this season to beef up your knowledge and learn something new?

From differentiating between anxiety and depression, opening up your mind to mental illness and mindfulness for kids, and discovering if you're a victim of emotional neglect or gaslighting, our top posts this week will give you tons of opportunity. Class is in session.
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Best of Our Blogs: August 12, 2016

Best-selling author Dr. Barbara De Angelis has said, "We don't develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity."

Sometimes, those difficult times come from the dynamics of a relationship. Other times, they come from dealing with our own personal matters.

All times, though, we can pull strength from ourselves and conquer to those difficult times to obtain the courage we need to face any other trials that come our way -- and let's face it, there will be more. Such is life, but also such is the resilience of humans.

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Best of Our Blogs: August 9, 2016

Anxiety can be crippling, but you can learn to manage it. Grudges might hurt you more than the "guilty" party, but you can let go of past grievances. Sometimes, it's easy to let others dictate how they'll treat you in a relationship, but you can set boundaries and show people what you expect -- and won't tolerate -- from them.

Get ready to explore new paths you can take

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Best of Our Blogs: August 5, 2016

Would you choose to live with debilitating pain or hardship? Would you pick parents who are cruel or uncaring? Would you decide to live a life filled with constant fear or sadness?

Probably not.

But the life you've been given has also come with resilience, strength and courage. It hasn't made you the most popular or easiest person to be around. But when you look at the road you travelled on and the road still unfolding in front of you, you realize it's molded you into the person you are now.

So why wouldn't you choose the life that's been given to you? It's yours to own, create and make. As poet Mary Oliver writes in The Summer Day, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
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