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Best of Our Blogs: November 25, 2014

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

In a few days, it will be Thanksgiving here in the US. The irony is that while many of us are gearing up for this day of gratitude, we’re probably not feeling it. Prepping turkeys, and getting ready for Black Friday and the litany of holidays that come with forced family gatherings often equates to more moments of grumbling and thanklessness than anything else. But if you’re bemoaning your current situation and are on the verge of giving into unhealthy habits to feed your hurt, vulnerable and exhausted self, stop.

Fuel yourself with this instead.

I attended Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend in San Jose recently. During the show, she said, “The single best way to change your vibration (e.g. sadness, anger or fear) is by being grateful.”

Being forced to feel grateful when you’re suffering loss or enduring severe illness may not be the right thing for you. It might make you angry. It might make you feel misunderstood or unheard. But if you can shift your attention from the drama in your life to what really matters-your breath, the roof over your head, the people you truly want to spend time with-you might experience a subtle, but life changing shift.

This week take a pause between basting that turkey to learn how to become emotionally strong, identify narcissism, and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. And then scroll down to watch a video on how simply telling someone how grateful you are for them (or just watch others doing so) can completely overturn your mood and ultimately your life.


Best of Our Blogs: November 21, 2014

Friday, November 21st, 2014

How to Get Through a Difficult Situation

When you’re fumbling your way through a challenging experience, there are multiple roads you can take. Some courses are hazardous and dangerous. Others will bring you toward a greater sense of meaning and healing. Therapy, meditation, and medication for example could be part of the latter. Connection is another important route that can lift you from a feeling of isolation and being misunderstood to reminding you that you’re not alone.

Finding your tribe, whether it be a group of supportive friends, or a support group (online ones like these and alternative ones) can be the difference between sinking and soaring.

While sometimes the best thing we can do to remedy a situation is to spend time alone, other times we need the shoulder of a caring person to help us cope. If you’re grieving over a loss, need help with helping your child, or searching for advice on relationships or cultivating more meaning in your life, these top posts will help you get started. For an added bonus, use them to start a conversation with loved ones to foster more connection in your own life.


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Best of Our Blogs: November 18, 2014

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

As colder, wetter — and for many, snowier — weather falls upon us, it’s tempting to snuggle up inside with a good book and maybe even some hot chocolate (yes, already!).

Well, we definitely don’t discourage reading here at Psych Central! Consider adding these five top posts to your list this week.

Red Leaf Rain

Best of Our Blogs: November 14, 2014

Friday, November 14th, 2014

As the seasons change and the holidays approach, some spotlights are shone on certain mental health factors. We might feel more stressed (and this isn’t isolated to adults!) or dealing with mental illness might become more of a challenge.

Our bloggers tackle those topics and more in today’s Best of Our Blogs.

Red Leaf Tree

Best of Our Blogs: November 11, 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Today’s Best of Our Blogs is all about me you!

Over the past few days, our bloggers have been hard at it explaining how to spiritually nourish yourself, what not to do when dealing with heartbreak, and even when and why to be stubborn.

Do you know why you should dedicate time to spiritual growth? How being stubborn can actually help you love yourself more? What about your emotional intelligence — where do you stand on that scale?


Best of Our Blogs: November 7, 2014

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Ever wonder how to really break up with someone in the digital age? What about chronic manipulation, i.e. how you can stop the manipulation cycle?

Oh, and do you understand emotional integrity and how to establish it?

Our bloggers answer these questions and more in today’s Best of Our Blogs.

Best of Our Blogs: November 4, 2015

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The end of Halloween sets off the beginning of the holiday season.

‘Tis the season for celebration, festivities and good cheer right? Well, not for all.

For some, the dark weather outside forecasts inner gloom as well. Those that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, for example, need to weather the storm inside as well as out. A lack of sunlight can trigger symptoms of mild and severe depression.

Others are anxious about what the holidays signify-an increase in time spent on things you can’t afford, temptations you can’t afford to indulge in, and people you’d rather be with.

How do we continue to stay on the road of good health and well-being despite these challenges?

It takes courage, work and forgiveness to keep on the path of peace, wellness and wholeness. Changing your thoughts from negative to positive, being mindful of your intentions (at work and elsewhere) and believing you are worthy of good things in your life are admirable and significant steps you can take to weather any storm you encounter this and every season.

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Best of Our Blogs: October 31, 2014

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Today is Halloween.

Why is this dark holiday so popular with adults, not just kids?

I think dressing up offers the opportunity to: 1) shed our seriousness for the night by being someone else 2) wear our shadows on our sleeves and 3) make fun of what scares us.

Someone who is shy, quiet and anxious can, for example, play the role of a bold, gregarious character.

A people-pleaser may be an evil villain.

A perfectionist who is always in control can make fun of herself in a silly costume.

Playing someone else for the night gives us a chance to remove our masks and display the parts of us we don’t normally want people to see.

If you feel like an outcast because you feel deficient in some way, Halloween offers the chance to be something weird, terrifying or humorous and feel accepted, even admired for it.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, I hope you’ll take the time to embrace your inner Lady Gaga and accept those dark shadows, characteristics, and difficulties that you often try to hide. For those filled with self-doubt, shame, or are burnout, accept our mixed bag of top posts as our sweet treat to you. Happy Halloween!

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Best of Our Blogs: October 28, 2014

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Whenever I’m on a desperate hunt for something whether it be compassion, validation or even a piece of cake, it’s helpful to dig deep. The solution is often less about what I need externally and more about focusing on what I need emotionally.

If I’m not getting enough compassion for example, maybe I need to work on having more understanding and empathy for myself.

If I don’t feel validated at my job or from loved ones, it’s possible I need to work on challenging my inner beliefs.

If I feel unforgiven, maybe it’s a sign I need to work on self-forgiveness.

Sometimes a craving is just a craving. Other times, I’m trying to bury, escape from or nourish an ache, longing or emptiness I haven’t yet addressed.

It’s common to remain unconscious about the things that are truly bothering us. But it’s empowering and freeing when we stop relying on other people and situations to make us happy and feel good about ourselves.

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Best of Our Blogs: October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Something we all struggle with or have struggled with is self-worth and self-love that’s not conditional on external circumstances.

And it’s not just loving yourself despite your depression, mistakes and imperfections. It’s about loving the whole of who you are and realizing you’re worthy of love regardless of the things you haven’t quite figured out yet.

It’s not easy. But we are all works-in-progress. If you find yourself being particularly critical these days, try to remember the following:

You are worthy just by nature of being born.

Celebrities, famous people and even therapists are not more worthy than you.

To be less critical and judgmental of others, you must first start with yourself.

It’s okay to love who you are even though you haven’t found your calling, stick your foot in your mouth, mess up on a daily basis and know people who tell you different.

It’s not about racking up the most accomplishments, being problem-free or even perfectionistic in increasing your self-worth and self-esteem.

It’s about acknowledging where you still have to go and working toward loving yourself whether or not you’ve mastered anything.

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Best of Our Blogs: October 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

If you have ever forgotten to hit save on a document and lost hours spent on work you can’t recover, you understand the horror, shock and astonishment of accepting what feels unacceptable.

If you have ever lost precious, photos, your wallet or phone, you can relate to the anguish of not seeing something again.

If you have done something untraditional and nonconventional, you get what it feels like to be different.

If you understand that, you have a small glimpse into the world of someone who is struggling with illness, discrimination, or loss.

We often think we can’t understand what others are going through because we haven’t experienced it. But pain, hardship and loss are universal.

You can connect with others through empathy and compassion by reading our post on living with obsessive compulsive disorder. You can also do so by going inward, building up your own mental strength and cultivating compassion for your own struggles with criticism and self-doubt. The key isn’t to find the perfect thing to say, it’s about connecting, compassion and communicating as best as you can your love, understanding and support.

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Best of Our Blogs: October 17, 2014

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Right now I’m angry. It’s been an hour since I’ve tried to get my son to sleep. He also didn’t sleep the night before. I’m tired. I have a ton of things to do and I’m frustrated. But as I sit here, breathe and really connect with my emotions, the energy fades.

Sometimes burning off steam through walking or talking with a supportive friend helps. And it’s not always easy. But I know if I can ride the wave of my emotions and not react to it immediately, I will be okay.

Emotions can be scary, uncomfortable and even intolerable. At times, we need professional support to help us experience them safely. But it’s important to know that we all have permission to feel what we feel. When we allow ourselves the space to feel them, we don’t need a cookie, a drink or a shopping spree to fend them off. We only need to acknowledge their existence, listen to their message and then let them go.

Need support on how to cope with those difficult feelings? This week’s list of posts will teach you everything from walking meditation techniques to journal writing ideas to soothe you back from havoc to harmony.

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