Clay Tucker-Ladd, Ph.D.

Clay Tucker-Ladd, Ph.D. was a pioneer in self-help and applying psychology to one's personal life. He wrote the 1,000 page self-help book, Psychological Self-Help, which was first published in 1996 online and which remains a free self-help resource that has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years. Dr. Tucker-Ladd passed away in early 2010, but his work lives on.

Posts by Clay Tucker-Ladd, Ph.D.:

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  • anon: I agree with Tree. I also describe myself as a narcissist, but having read the criteria I am not. What the...
  • anon: Love is in fact a biological need when we are infants, and it is a psychological need as adults. Unloved...
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  • jennifer: At best the (original) post is a series of comforting bromides; at worst, self-righteous.
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