4 Holistic Ways to Fight Drug AddictionDrug addiction is all too common. Rehab — typically inpatient treatment at a special facility designed to treat addicts — is needed when substance abuse has reached the point of physical and psychological dependence.

The approaches to healing used in rehab programs are now a mix of traditional modalities of care, like individual and group therapy, and holistic, or alternative, ways to heal, like yoga, equine therapy, and meditation.

Holistic forms of treatment are the way of the future. Here are 4 holistic ways to fight drug addiction that can be used both in and out of formal rehab.

  1. Treat your mind right.

    Your brain is where we say the mind’s thoughts come from, but really your mind, and your thoughts, are your choice. There are many ways to care for the mind that guides your thoughts and subsequent behaviors and overall attitude. Making good choices each day can steer your brain away from negative and toxic thoughts that lead to drug abuse in the first place.

    Reading is a great alternative to watching television during recovery. Exercising your brain muscles will only help when times get tough. The part of your mind that tells you getting drunk and high is a good idea can be outsmarted with the proper tools and training.

  2. Treat your body right.

    Physical exercise is a necessity. Finding an activity you enjoy doing will make the act of working out much more appealing. Do you like to walk, jog, or run? Do you like to swim? What about hiking, or playing a sport? Whatever you like to do, make an effort to add it into your schedule several times a week.

    If you spent years abusing drugs and alcohol, your body has been weakened. Adding physical activity back to your routine may seem uncomfortable at first, but in the long run, you are ensuring your health, happiness, and higher likelihood of sustained recovery.

  3. Treat your soul right.

    Drugs and alcohol take the greatest toll on your soul, or spirit. It is difficult but so rewarding to establish a good relationship with who you are at your core. Your essence is your true being outside of your physical body and needs nourishment, recognition, gratitude, and love.

    Good self-care for your soul starts with meditation, which just means quiet time alone. At first you may be antsy and resistant to the process; that is normal. If you can add 10 minutes of meditation to your day for a week, you will see change after those seven days. As you sit or lay in silence, you just listen to what comes up for you.

    You might try meditation on your own, or you may be exposed to it as a group during rehab. There are countless guided meditations online, and many spiritual centers offer local group meditations. Whatever method you feel more comfortable with is fine. Just do it! Try getting in touch with your soul. See what you truly feel during your personal meditation practice.

  4. Integrate your mind, body and soul.

    When you are taking care of each individually, the integration of the three will come naturally.

    Be kind to yourself as you start a new life without drugs and alcohol. Take time each day to check in with your mind, your body, and your soul. Listen to each part of your system, and do all that you can to best fulfill those needs.



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