Introducing the Blog, Building Relationship SkillsRelationships are perhaps harder than people realize to build and keep going. The easy part is the beginning, when we’re just getting to know one another and everything is new.

Harder is a few years into it, and realizing that while the newness has worn off, we may not have all the skills necessary to keep the relationship good and growing.

That’s why I’m pleased to welcome two great relationship experts, Linda Bloom, LCSW and Charlie Bloom, MSW, and their blog, Building Relationship Skills. They’ve written two enlightening books on the subject, and teach workshops across the country about the skills needed to build great and enduring relationships.

As they say,

While everyone would like good relationships, the process of actually creating them is often more challenging than we expect it to be. Few of us have had good models or adequate education in regard to this subject.

Linda and Charlie offer the support and guidance needed to develop relationship skills along with the practices necessary to sustain and integrate them into our lives on a long-term basis.

Please give them a warm Psych Central welcome over at their new blog, Building Relationship Skills today!



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