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Does My Friend Have Borderline Personality Disorder?

By Daniel J. Tomasulo, PhD, TEP, MFA, MAPP on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012
First, I would like to explain that I am a Psych major and have been in counseling for years for PTSD and now ADD, among other issues. I believe this person I will describe does have BPD, but I'm not a professional and can't ...

Struggling with Medication Recovery

By Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW on Monday, November 12th, 2012
I am perfectly healthy and in my mid 20's, and I recently got married. My husband is very loving and supportive of me in every way, including my decision to not take ADD medications that I used to be prescribed in huge doses. I made ...

Dying, Anger & ADD

By Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
Well I didn't used to be like this. Recently, id say within the last 6 months or so, ive had uncontrollable anger issues. I keep getting mad at everyone and throwing things or screaming over the smallest, stupidest(is that a word?), stuff and I know ...

How To Get Rid of a Split Personality?

By Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW on Monday, July 30th, 2012
Something I have wanted to know for a while now. I have split personality disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For a while now I've wanted to know if there is a way to completely get rid of a split personality? A. I'm ...

Overweight, Cutting and Needing My Mom

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on Saturday, July 7th, 2012
I'm 15 years old with ADHD and depression. About 4 months ago my mom and I had discovered my father cheating- and it seems he has not been faithful for about 9 years. During this time, I have gained 20+ pounds due to binge eating, ...

Scared to Talk to Parents about ADD

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
i'm thinking i am diagnosed with adhd but im still not behaviour is becoming worse and so is my concentration i really need help on what to do.i need some simple advice on how i can get better and whearther i should tell ...

Out-of-Control Moods

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
I'm a 19 year old female and have been experiencing issues with my mood. I've always been a very emotional and sensitive person but recently it's gotten out of control. I describe it like a light switch, it's as if my mood is controlled by ...

Will I Have to Struggle Forever?

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on Friday, March 23rd, 2012
I am a 45-year-old widow--currently being treated for depression and anxiety. I am suspecting more and more lately that i have ADHD in addition to or instead of those disorders. I have done research on adult ADHD, and--quite frankly--much of what I have read is ...

[Video] Does My 2-year-old Have ADHD?

By Julie Hanks, LCSW on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
How do I know if my 2 year old has ADHD? He is not talking. He will not sit still for story time. He is a climber, runner, and so on. Bed time is not easy he thinks it's time to play. He will say ...

[Video] How Do I Talk To My Parents About ADHD?

By Julie Hanks, LCSW on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
I'm not sure where to start. I am a 14 year old freshman in high school and I have been constantly noticing that I might have ADHD or something, I can't pay attention and am always confused along with other symptoms. Anyways I'm not completely ...

Mental Health Affecting School Performance

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on Saturday, February 4th, 2012
I just finished my first semester at a major university in New York City. I failed miserably and I know it was my fault. It was a mix of laziness, ADD and depression. I have been dealing with depression since I was 13 (18 ...

Boyfriend Is Abusive

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker on Thursday, January 19th, 2012
My dilemma is about my relationship of 3 years with my partner. He has ADHD (according to him). Every now and then when something triggers the disorder I ended up his emotional punching bag. He says very hurtful things and at some point it lowered ...
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