Worried I’m a Sociopath

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

I’m 14. For the past couple of months, I have been dropping hints to my parents that I want to see a psychiatrist but they don’t really take me seriously or seem to notice. For one, I think that I have symptoms of sociopathic/ psychopathic behavior. I really could care less about how others feel and think about killing people. I imagine my knife penetrating them deep in their chest and then tearing their heart out.

It’s really bad that I think these things, and so,entices I tell myself that it’s bad, but like Jekyll and Hyde, the other part of me tells me it’s okay. Sometimes I see things, black things, everywhere just sitting in the corner and I feel bugs on my skin and spiders on the wall. I have been recently obsessed with Hannibal Lecter and I actually believe that he’s not that bad.

I’m not saying cannibalism is good. But I’m not saying it’s bad either. I even have began acting like him and like Will Graham (from the new show). I don’t know what to do and I really want to see someone and get help because if it wasn’t for the risks of getting caught, I actually believe that I might, if delusional and insane enough, try to hurt someone severely.

A: How scary! I’m so glad you wrote to us.

Stop dropping hints! Show your parents your email and this response. Your instincts are correct. You absolutely need to see a mental health specialist for an assessment. If your parents don’t respond, talk to your school counselor or your doctor. I don’t know what’s going on with you but I do know that this is something to take very seriously. You need to be heard and helped.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie




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