Family Falling Apart since Dad Came out

By Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

Since my brother found out my dad is gay he’s been extreamly rude and self centered. it’s been 2 years. We have no one to talk to and our buisness is all over because of him. What should me and my mother do in this case. My mom is extreamly broken hearted because we have no one to support us on this

A: I’m so glad you wrote. You are not alone. There is an organization called PFLAG (Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and there is a chapter in Chicago. Please consider going to a meeting. You will find a community of people to talk to about what you are all experiencing, how best to support one another and your dad, and how to manage this new reality in your lives. Visit this linkfor more information.

I can tell that you are a compassionate person who is concerned about your whole family. If your mother and brother aren’t willing or able to go to a meeting, please go yourself. You will then get the information you need to be a better support to the rest of the family.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie




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