Need help with OCD

By Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

Q. I am battling ocd. Psychiatrist put me on xanax. I have a ritual everyday, and I cannot do my functions unless i do this ritual over and over every monring. I am putting unncessary stress on myself. I have a fear of leaving home for highway drives. I have to attend a course that takes me an hour away from home. What can i Do to overcome my reitual so that i can go to the 9-5 class out of town, without having a panic attack because i did not perform my daily ritual of reading over and over. Please Help me with a good suggestion until i see the dr this week, i need some tools to work with to get me through tmrw

A. Taking Xanax will help you deal in the short term with OCD but it probably will not assist you in battling and defeating OCD and panic attacks in the long term. In addition to seeing a psychiatrist, you should see a therapist to help you stop your daily rituals and irrational behavior. A therapist can teach you actual skills and behaviors that can be used on a daily basis. The new skills that you learn in therapy used in tandem with the Xaxax can help you conquer OCD and panic. The missing piece in your situation is that you do not have a therapist to work one-on-one with you; you only have medication and taking medication only is not enough to battle these disorders. The best treatment for OCD and panic attacks is the combination medication and therapy. If you can, try to access a therapist. Take care.




Last reviewed: By John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on 25 Jun 2007

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