Fear of mice

By Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

Q. My 16 year old son had a bad dream about being bitten by mice a few days ago. he has not been himself. he losing sleep. he sees mice everywhere and anytime, constantly feeling them crawl up his legs. i had to take all the stuff from his closet out of his room, even his mattress to assure him there is no mice. i am absolutely sure we have no mice in the house. i do not think he’s taken any illegal drugs. he’s been at his friends house since this happen. do u know what this is? what should i do? i’m waiting for a few more days to see if it does not go away, i will take him to the psychiatrist. he’s always been strong and brave. this is a side of him i’ve never seen before.please reply soon. thank u

A. Take him to a therapist, whether or not his feelings go away. You don’t feel he is using drugs. I hope you are right but I strongly suspect just the opposite. He has needed far too much reassurance for a “bad dream.” A six year old, after having a dream like this, usually needs just a hug and reassurance that it was just a “bad dream.” A sixteen year old should need far less reassurance from his mother. Something is hindering his logical judgment, his ability to correctly interpret reality. My advice, make an appointment with a good therapist as soon as you read these words.




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